Greene County May PC Meeting

Greene County Planning Commission

Greene County Administration Building

Kara L. Reese – Free Enterprise Forum Greene Field Officer



Executive Summary:

RZ#08-001 Request to Rezone from R-1 to B-3 on approximately 16.16 acres along Seminole Trail/Cedar Grove – Deferred to July 16, 2008

RZ#06-002 Request to Rezone from A1 to B2 and R2 on approximately 327.54 acres near Spotswood Trail, Dunnes Shop Rd, and M&M Rd. – Denied

PC Appeal App. #08-001 Extension for Pond’s Edge – Approved

PC Appeal App. #08-002 Extension for the View – Approved

PC Appeal App. #08-003 Extension for Cardinal Forest – Approved

PC Appeal App. #08-004 Extension for Kings Court – Approved



Davis Lamb – Chairman

Norman Slezak 

Jim Frydl

Phyllis Woodfolk

Anthony Herring


Also Present

Bart Svoboda



6:30 pm Work Session: Updates to Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)


Overview of proposed changes to CIP

  • Public Safety 
    • New request for Ruckersville facility
    • New request for Stanardsville facility- old facility barely accommodates size of current vehicles
    • New request for additional response vehicle
  • Building & Grounds
    • New request by EDA for new/renovated offices
  • Courts & Judicial
    • Courthouse renovations are nearing completion and will be struck from FY 09-10
  • Public Works
    • Several new projects were added to address water and sewage needs
  • Parks and Recreation
    • Installation of electric/water service and restrooms were given priority within this category


Work Session closed at 7:17 pm


Regular meeting called to order at 7:30 pm


I.  Greene County Water Study


N. Slezak moved to amend the agenda to allow Mr. White to present the regional water study to the Commission. P. Woodfolk seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous.


Water Study Presented by Mr. White of W & W Associates:

  • Current water resources
    • Rapidan River- safe yield 1.15  (million gallons per day) MGD
    • Water treatment facility – current capacity 1.2 MGD
  • Future water demand estimates indicate that peak demand will increase to 1.2 MGD in 2009. This daily peak demand will exceed Greene County’s current production capacity. Peak water demand is expected to continue to grow to 3.3MGD in 2033.
  • To meet these future water needs it was recommended that the county build a new pump storage reservoir with a 3.5 MGD Minimum Safe Yield and construct a new water treatment plant.
  • It was noted that there are other areas competing for the same water source. The sooner Greene County makes its claim on the Rapidan River the better it will be for the county.
  • Five potential sites were studied and ranked according to 10 criteria:
    • Volume/ safe yield of the potential site
    • Environmental impacts (It is important to note that this is a high ranking factor because federal approval will depend on the environmental impact)
    • Infrastructure impact
    • Construction costs
    • Proximity to service area
    • Distance from the Rapidan River
    • Land acquisition costs or difficulty
    • Impact on land owners
  • Five potential reservoir sites were ranked according to these factors. Listed from most favorable to least favorable they are Upper Welsh Run, White Run, Buckner Run, Henshaw Run and Blackberry Lane.
  • The total cost estimates for the top two choices Upper Welsh Run and White Run were $39,200,000 and $36,600,000 respectively.
  • In addition to the construction of the reservoir, it was recommended that the county add additional wells to supplement water supplies until the reservoir is constructed.



II.        Public Hearing on request by W. Copley McLean to rezone from R-1 Residential to B-3 Business approximately 16.16 acres Located on Seminole Trail/Cedar Grove Road (County Tax Maps 66C-(2)-A & B)



  • The property is located cattycorner from Sheets on the Southwest corner of Cedar Grove and Route 29.
  • The property is currently zoned for residential use and the developer currently can build 39 single family homes on the property ‘by right’.
  • An access road would run from Cedar Grove Road, roughly parallel to Route 29 and come out at the Rapidan Center. A light would ultimately be installed at the intersection of the access road and Route 29. This access road would meet up with the recently approved Kinvara development creating a loop.
  • Staff believes that the proposed use complies with the comprehensive plan by making the Route 29 corridor a commercial area.
  • Lighting and landscaping buffers are now covered by a new county ordinance.



  • M. Barnes of K.G. Associates indicated the developer is willing to proffer a 25 foot buffer instead of the 20 feet buffer required by the ordinance.
  • Regarding transportation issues, the applicant believes that there is an agreement in principle, but that the language needs to be hammered out.
  • Currently, the plan does not include an additional access point for residents who live behind the southwest corner of the development.


Public Comment:

Ten residents of Waverly Acres or the immediate vicinity voiced several concerns about the project. Residents feel that they have not been given any information about this project. They are concerned that the B-3 designation instead of a B-1 designation will result in “heavy uses” such as truck stops and bus stations.


Residents are also concerned that their access point to Route 29 will be cut off and that there will be increased traffic. Hawthorne Road is the only road in and out of Waverly Acres at Route 29. VDOT has plans in the works to close the crossover at Route 29 and Hawthorne Road. Residents believe that the approval of this plan will secure or hasten the closing of the crossover. Residents want additional access to 29 or the crossover to stay open.



         N. Slezak would like to see some interaction between the developer and citizens to addressing some of the residents concerns. He was also concerned that this project does not contain items such as walkways, public bus stops and bike racks. M. Barnes indicated the developer would be open to discussion with the public regarding these items.

         J. Frydl commented that adding businesses in this location would provide a tax benefit to the community. He also pointed out that there would be access to Route 29 for Waverly Acres resident by taking the proposed new road North to Cedar Grove or South to a new traffic light. This would be safer access than the current crossover at Hawthorne Road.

         A. Herring stated that he felt the Commission needed more detail particularly with respect to proffers.

         Other members of the Planning Commission echoed the sentiment that more detail was needed. Proffers need to be much clearer.





N. Slezak moved to defer action on the application until July 16, 2008 in order to give the developer time to meet with citizens and to clarify proffers. A. Herring seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.



III.       Carroll & Lynnette Morris/K & B Properties request to rezone from A-1 to B-2 and R-2 approximately 327.54 acres  located on Spotswood Trail, Dunnes Shop Road, and M & M Road.



            This project has been before the commission previously; while some proffers had changed the basic plan remains the same. The location of this development surrounds the Welsh Run site which has been studied for a purposed water retention facility. The plan anticipates location of such a facility at the site. Staff noted that a traffic study was not legally required; however, it could be useful in evaluating the project.



            Applicant and his representatives didn’t have a lot to say. Applicant was frustrated with the process and felt that a traffic study was not necessary.


Public Comment: (NONE)



         N. Slezak was concerned that this development was premature given the current market and growth rates in the county. He wants to assure that the county has orderly growth. Further, a traffic study is necessary to fully understand the impact of the proposed development even if not required by law.

         D. Lamb was interested in what the buffer distance would be between the proposed homes and water.



N. Slezak moved to recommend denial of the project. J. Frydl seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved and the rezoning application was denied.



IV.       Minutes of April Meeting – approved


V.        PC APPEALS

PC Appeal App. #08-001 Extension for Pond’s Edge

PC Appeal App. #08-002 Extension for the View

PC Appeal App. #08-003 Extension for Cardinal Forest

PC Appeal App. #08-004 Extension for Kings Court





These are four applications to extend each project up to three years. The question posed to the Commission is do you want the developer to build now or in 3 years? These requests are often market driven.



Applicant does not want to dump excessive housing on the market. Applicant also indicated he may seek rezoning on Cardinal Forest and The View.



P. Woodfolk moves to approve all appeals. Appeals are approved unanimously.


V.        Next Meeting of the Planning Commission will be July 18, 2008. There will not be a June meeting.


Items which may be addressed in the next meeting are:

         the deferred recommendation regarding the Copley project

         revision of by-laws

         an inoperable vehicle ordinance

         establishing a time line for the comprehensive plan


Meeting adjourned at 9:47 pm



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