Greene County Board of Supervisors 5/27/08

Greene County Board of Supervisors

Greene County Administration Building


Kara Reese


Executive Summary


Proposal to award a contract for maintenance of the Emergency Communication System to Clear Communication- Approved

Resolution to accept and appropriate Byrne Justice Assistance Grant for the Sheriff’s Department – Approved

Resolution to accept and appropriate Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Planning Sub-Grant – Approved



Steve Catalano, Chairman

Buggs Peyton, Vice Chair

Jeri Allen

Carl Schmitt

Mike Skeens


Also Present

Barry Clark (County Administrator)

Ray Clarke (County Attorney)


7:40 pm – Call to Order



1.         Emergency Communication System Maintenance Contract

A proposal to award a contract for maintenance on the County’s Emergency Communication System to Clear Communications was brought forward. 



C. Schmitt moved to approve awarding the maintenance contract to Clear Communication. J. Allen seconded the motion. All board members voted in favor of the motion.


2.         A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Eagle Scout Fletcher Hultman for construction a new pedestrian bridge in the park.


3.         Matters from the public- None


4.         Consent Agenda

    1. Minutes of the previous meeting
    2. Resolution to accept and appropriate the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant for the Sherriff’s Department.

– The grant amount was $1,931 with $215 of local matching funds required.

    1. Resolution to accept and appropriate $7,500 for a Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Planning Sub-grant


All matters on the consent agenda were considered together and passed unanimously.


5.         Other matters from the Board


-The 2008 retreat for the Board of Supervisors will be July 1, 2008.


-C. Schmitt requested that the Board consider adopting a resolution on improving the county’s transportation system to help send a clear message to legislators in Richmond.


-J. Allen reported that as liaison to the Planning Commission she was concerned about citizen opposition to B-3 zoning at the last Commission meeting. She suggested that B-3 zoning may no longer make sense and the Board should reevaluate current zoning categories.  S. Catalano requested that staff draft a memo addressing the current business zoning scheme and its compatibility with Greene County’s development.


-There will be only one meeting of the Board of Supervisors in June. The June 24th meeting has been cancelled.


6. FY 2008-2009 Budget for Greene County Schools


Darcy Higgens, Chairman of the School Board presented a brief overview of the School’s FY 2008-2009 Budget.

Some key items in the budget included:

·        Adjustments to the teacher’s pay scale to create a more linear scale

·        A pay increase for teachers

·        An 8% raise for teacher’s assistants

·        A 3% raise for administrators

·        An anticipated increase in health insurance costs of 14%

·        An increase in mileage reimbursement to 48 cents per mile

·        Installation of surveillance equipment in the Middle School and High School

·        A new math curriculum

·        New instructors for Technology and English/Drama at the High School

·        A reduction in Elementary School staff

·        The purchase of 4 new busses

·        The transfer of 4 cars from the Sheriff’s Department

·        New transportation software






Comments from the Board:

         New superintendent Dave Jeck was formally welcomed by the Board of Supervisors.

         B. Peyton noted that it is important for employees to understand the compensation structure up front and applauded the School Board for fixing the teacher’s pay scale.

         J. Allen noted that this particular budget was a lot a work. She felt well informed during the process. She was pleased with plans to adopt a new math curriculum.

         C. Schmitt is interested in building a collaborative approach between the two Boards. He suggested meeting with officials in Henry County to learn more about the collaborative relationship between the schools and local government there.

         S. Catalano would like to identify and combine common functionalities between the schools and county in the future as a means to increase efficiency. He also noted that the Board of Supervisors faces tough questions from constituents. It is helpful to Board members to have access to information to answer those questions accurately. In the future, he would appreciate if the School Board could provide the financial justification for encouraging an early retirement policy.

         B. Peyton indicated that if in the future it becomes necessary to raise taxes to fund education he would be willing to consider it. However, there needs to be good communication early so that the Board can identify when and if a tax increase is necessary.

         S. Catalano encouraged both Board and constituents to work together in order to make an appeal to the Legislature in Richmond regarding changes that need to be made in education.

         The Board of Supervisors was generally pleased with the School Board’s Budget and hoped for increased cooperation between the both boards in the future.


Meeting Adjourned 8:55 pm

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