Greene County Board of Supervisors August Meeting

Kara L. Reese, Greene County Field Officer

Executive Summary:

RZ#08-002 Rezoning request from A-1 to B-3 on 2.03 acres along Seminole Trail – Approved

OR#08-002 Inoperative Vehicle Ordinance – Approved

 Call to Order 7:42 pm

 I. 2009 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Legislative Program

 David Blount, Legislative Liaison:

            D. Blount reported that the priorities for this coming session would be very similar to last year’s Legislative Program. Key issues would be transportation funding, state funding to localities and CSA. He expected a draft to be available by mid-September.

             The Board discussed there plans to invite Senator Hanger and Representative Bell to the September 23, 2008 Board of Supervisors Meeting. The Board would like citizens to address the effects that recent budget cuts are having on the County at that meeting.

             J. Allen inquired about what kind of mindset there is in Richmond that allows politicians, who have a wide taxing authority to continue to cut funding to localities when localities are limited to real estate taxes to raise the additional revenue. D. Blount noted that the House of Delegates will not raise taxes. Any change that occurs will have to come from a grass roots effort.

 II. Public Hearing on Martin Investments’ request to rezone from A-1 to B-3 approximately 2.03 acres located on Seminole Trail.

 Staff Report:

This request involves three lots. Two lots abut Route 29 and are currently zoned B-3. The two lots are restricted in use to trailer sales only until 2010. The third lots is currently zoned R-1 and abuts two B-3 lots.  Applicant is requesting that the proffers for all three lots be considered together so that they will have the same restrictions. The new conditions on all three lots will be permanent. Currently, there is a single family residence located in the residential lot. It has driveway access off of Forest Lane. Applicant has proffered that when the property begins to be used for commercial purposes the driveway will no longer be used. All access will be from 29.


Applicant believes this will be a win-win situation for the county. Applicant wants to expand his existing business and when economic conditions improve will make use of the new parcel.

Public Comment: None

 Comments from the Board:

             B. Peyton was concerned about the letter from the Health Department stating that when the use changes on the land water and sewer may need to be reevaluated.  Staff noted that this concern could be addressed when site plans were submitted for approval.

             C. Schmitt asked about the turn lane at the entrance of the property. Staff confirmed that it was currently a sufficient length, but might need to be extended if a second entrance was constructed off of Route 29.

             J. Allen wanted to know if the current driveway off of Forest Lane would be closed when construction begins or when it was completed. She was concerned about construction vehicles using the road. Staff stated that once construction began the driveway would be closed and buffer would be created pursuant to county ordinances in the location of the current driveway.

             S. Catalano stated that he remembered when the first two lots were zoned. He was concerned then that several uses that would be beneficial to the County had been proffered out. He noted that this is a good use of the land.


J. Allen moved to approve the application to rezone the property with attached proffers. B. Peyton seconded the motion. It was approved by a unanimous vote.

 III. Public Hearing regarding revisions to the Inoperative Vehicle Ordinance.


This ordinance is a reworking of provisions already scattered throughout the County Code. This ordinance will allow all the provisions to be found in one place and make them more easily enforceable. Much of the language in the new ordinance mirrors State Law. It permits vehicles to be shielded by a screen or fence. The ordinance also limits the number of inoperable vehicles a person may keep on their property.

 Public Comment:

            Dennis Fyder was in support of the ordinance but was concerned that it might need some clarification. Specifically, he was concerned that it lacked a provision to cover race cars and farm vehicles. He was also concerned about whether the shield requirements were sufficient to truly hide a vehicle.

            Bob Roberts thought the ordinance was a good start. He was concerned that semi trailers might be excluded. He also disagreed that covering a vehicle with a tarp would be sufficient.

 Comments from the Board:

            C. Schmitt requested that staff address the concerns raised by members of the public. Staff indicated that both farm vehicles and race cars were exempted under the ordinance. Staff also explained that vehicles shielded by trees or a fence must be hidden from all lines of sight.



J. Allen moved to approve the ordinance with the correction of one typo. The Board passed the ordinance by a unanimous vote.

IV. Other Matters


            C. Schmitt reported that the Parks and Recreation Department is moving forward with installing power to the park. They were also looking into applying for a grant which could be used to help fund the well.

            C. Schmitt also indicated that the Board would be attending the School Board’s retreat at Rosebrook Inn. There was some concern that the meeting may have been inaccurately advertised, so it may not go forward.

            S. Catalano indicated that he had spoken with the Constitutional Officers regarding budget cuts and had invited them to the September meeting with local politicians.

            J. Allen reported that as part of her role as Planning Department Liaison there had been discussion about changing the ordinance regarding new business licenses. There is concern that people may interpret the license as permission to do business not a tax. Staff would like to see a change that requires zoning approval before a business license will issue.

9:05 pm Meeting continued to August 26, 2008


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