Fluvanna Notes -FOIA, BPOL, Comp Plan

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

A Supervisor’s FOIA Request – If you feel that sometimes Fluvanna County has not been as responsive as you might like, do not feel lonely.  Supervisor Don Weaver (Cunningham) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain documented information he has long sought regarding revenue sources and projections for the proposed James River water pipeline.

He finally received the county’s reply but declined to comment on its responsiveness because he had not had the opportunity to review the information.  County officials waived the customary fees they normally charge for this type of request because he is a supervisor.

Business Tax Update — Although the Business and Professional Occupation License, or BPOL Tax as it is commonly known, has not come before the Board of Supervisors, the business community is taking no chances.  The Chamber of Commerce has become involved and has begun to quietly oppose the measure. 

A particular problem with the tax according to one observer is that it is applied to the gross revenue of a business, not just the profits.  As a result it can be particularly onerous to a small business, especially in a recession.

Comp Plan Concerns – Although it is late in the game, the county’s minority citizens might be finding a voice regarding concerns with the draft Comprehensive Plan.  A Fork Union minister has urged that the county focus more on economic development for Fork Union and less on rural preservation in that area.  Other significant concerns include:

·        Employment opportunities, coupled with greater transportation options; and,

·        Education and substance abuse programs.

The brief, provided to county officials, argues that income and demographic statistics show the need for more economic and social project development in Fork Union and less rural preservation.  Tellingly, many of the proposals for expanding services would seek out private rather than county funding.


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