Greene BOS November Meeting

By Kara L. Reese, Greene County Field Officer

Action Summary:

Motion to Reappoint Lori Gore to the JABA Board – Approved

SUP#08-Request by Alann Enterprises for a special use permit allowing an indoor recreational facility located on a 4.56 acre tract of land – Approved

SUP#04-722 Public Hearing on Randolph and Marsha Gibson’s request for a renewal of a special use permit for a manufactured home on approximately 5.0 acres located along Echo Lane – Approved

Resolution to create to Central Virginia Regional Jail Authority, amend Regional Jail agreement and transfer property to the Authority – Approved



            The Greene County Board of Supervisors welcomed another new business to Greene County Tuesday night. The Board unanimously approved a special use permit for an indoor recreational facility located behind Wendy’s just off of Route 29.  The applicant previously sold hot tubs and pool tables in Albemarle County, but had moved the retail portion of his business to Greene County in hopes of opening a family game room next to the retail showroom.

Staff provided a brief overview of the project, noting that it was in an area designated for growth by the current Comprehensive Plan. Staff also reported that the Planning Commission reviewed the project and recommended approval of the special use permit with conditions during its October meeting.


There was no comment from the public on this matter, so the Board moved directly to their discussion. B. Peyton was interested in the hours of operation and age restrictions. C. Schmitt and S. Catalano were also interested adding a condition that the business can not operate past 11 pm. S. Catalano wondered if the special use permit should be limited to this particular land owner.  The applicant was concerned that if his business was successful and he retired he would not be able to sell his business. As an alternative, it was proposed that a 3 year review by staff be added to the conditions and that the special use permit be limited to a family game room only.


            Following discussion by the Board, the applicant’s request for a special use permit was approved by unanimous vote. Conditions placed on the special use permit included that 1) requirements in the Building Code and Zoning Ordinance be met 2) no outdoor amplification shall be permitted 3) no alcohol sale or use on premises 4) the business must close by 11 pm 5) the special use permit is limited to a family game room only 6) staff is to review the property in 3 years to confirm that all conditions are being complied with.


Hardship Special Use Permit


            In the second public hearing of the evening the Board considered an application for renewal of a special use permit by Randolph and Marsha Gibson to allow a manufactured home on a 5 acre lot where a separate residence already exists. The presence of two homes on the lot creates a greater density than permitted by Greene’s Ordinances thus creating the need for a special use permit. Applicant was previously granted a hardship special use permit for a medical condition.


Staff reported that it appeared the medical condition that necessitated the second home still existed. Based on the site visit staff concluded the second home is difficult to see from the road unless one knows exactly were to look for it. The Comprehensive Plan gives little direction on hardship special use permits. Staff also noted that the Planning Commission recommended approval of the special use permit during their October meeting.


The applicant briefly addressed the Board stating that the medical condition was not was expected to improve. It is very helpful to applicants to have their son nearby to help out and in case of emergency situations.


The Board briefly discussed the application. J. Allen noted that this was not an obtrusive use and the hardship was present. M. Skeens also agreed that their truly is a hardship in this instance. C. Schmitt moved to approve the special use permit with the condition that it expires in three years or when the hardship ceases. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.


Central Virginia Regional Jail Authority


The Greene County Board of Supervisors also held a public hearing on the formation of and transfer of certain property to the Central Virginia Regional Jail Authority. The County Attorney briefly described that the purpose of Authority was to allow the Jail to seek funding through bonding. Further, a public hearing was necessary in this instance because the Board is also considering transferring its ownership interest in the land that the jail sits on to the Authority.  After no comment from the public and minimal discussion by the Board, the Board unanimously approved three items 1) a Resolution to create a Central Virginia Regional Jail Authority 2) the amended Regional Jail Agreement and 3) the transfer of certain property to the Authority.


Matters from the Public


            Don Lewisof Region Ten Community Services Board (CSB) addressed the Board regarding his resignation. He indicated that his position would be filled. In the interim any questions could be directed to hissupervisor. He also discussed the issue with lack of office space in Greene County that his current staff isfacing. He noted that if they could find a space large enough for the entire office, CSB would actually be able to cut expenses because it would eliminate the need for two phone systems, two copiers and other office items that could be shared.


Greene County Health Department Funding Cuts


Dr. Lillian Peake, District Health Director addressed the Board regarding budget cuts to the Greene County Health Department.  She informed the Board that the State cuts applicable to Greene County were approximately $7,600. Because of the loss of state funding the County of Greenewould not be required to contribute as much matching funds to the Health Department. Dr. Peake requested that the Board allow the Greene County Health Department to keep approximately $3,000 in funds that were budgeted to them, but no longer required to be given as matching funds.


            The Board was concerned about these cuts and whether the money had already been budgeted to the Health Department. It was clarified that Dr. Peake was not asking for any additional funds, but to be allowed to keep the funds that were already accounted for in the current budget. J. Allen expressed concern that the County might be setting bad precedent by continuing to cover for the State; however, since the funds were already in the current budget she was not opposed to allowing them to keep the funding. C. Schmitt noted that the Board isonly willing to do this because it is already in the budget. He warned “next year all bets are off.” B. Peyton echoed a similar sentiment.  The consensus on the Board was to leave the current budget as is, but next year it is likely that the County will only pay their required match.


Other Matters


John Murphy, Director of StreamWatch, gave a presentation regarding the 2008 StreamWatch Report.


            J. Allen reported that the RSA held its public hearing on a rate increase. There was no public comment on the increase.


            C. Schmitt reported on the progress of the county-wide energy audit.




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