The Business Backbone

By. Neil Williamson

The Charlottesville Radio Group (WINA-AM, WVAX-AM, 3WV, Z95.1, 106.1 The Corner) is running advertisements voiced by their marketing staff indicating “Strong Local Businesses, make a Strong Community”.

Beyond supporting their sponsors, and encouraging listeners to buy local, the message of business support can not be repeated often enough.

The Charlottesville region has a vibrant, and generous business community.  A very visible reminder is the corporate sponsors of the various sport teams and school projects. 

In addition to providing jobs and sponsorships, businesses tax revenue lowers the economic pressure on property taxes. 

Businesses also volunteer a huge number of man hours to support important causes throughout the region.  Be it the Community Scholars program of Piedmont Virginia Community College, the United Way Day of Caring, or the Fourth of July celebration at McIntire Park, businesses (and their employees) keep our community moving forward with energy, compassion and strength.

Today, despite the most difficult business cycle in a generation, business continues to provide the lifeblood to the community, but does the community return the favor?

  • When new local government regulations are proposed, are the business implementation costs considered?  or even calculated?
  • Does local government greet new businesses with enthusiasm or trepidation?
  • How important is business retention to local government?
  • How would you rank your locality’s Business Vitality? Is it important?

The Free Enterprise Forum agrees with the Charlottesville Radio Group that “strong businesses make strong communities”. 

It’s time our local ordinances reflect that sentiment as well.


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