Greene County January PC Meeting

By. Neil Williamson


Action Summary:
Election of Officers: Jim Frydl Chairman, Norm Slezak Vice Chair


Worley rezoning request from A-1, Agriculture, to B-3, Business, on approximately 2.66 acres located on Fredericksburg Road/Spotswood Trial – Applicant deferred 6 months


Eddins/Thacker rezoning request from R-1, residential to B-3, Business, on approximately 19.97 acres located on Seminole Trail – Approved with proffers


Greene County Zoning Ordinance Revision – Revise Industrial (Limited), M-1, and Industrial (General), M-2, zoning districts and all applicable references Approved


Greene County Zoning Ordinance Revision – Revise “Equine Uses” in the A-1, Agriculture zoning districts and all applicable references Approved


Hunnicutt Property – PC Appeal for Extension of Site Plan approval Approved


Review Business Districts – Deferred to February meeting


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Chairman Davis Lamb.  After welcoming everyone to the meeting, he indicated the first item on the agenda was the election of officers and he did not wish to repeat as commission chair. Jim Frydl was elected Chair and Norm Slezak was elected Vice Chair.


The staff report for the first public hearing item, the Worley rezoning, recommended a deferral as not all of the required information had been received from the applicant.   The applicant was seeking B-3 with a possible restaurant use in mind but he also mentioned he might sell the property after the rezoning.  J. Frydl opened the public hearing. Three neighboring parcels were opposed to the rezoning based on traffic and lighting issues.


N.Slezak raised issues regarding the sight distances on the entrances to the property.  B. Martin reiterated the incompleteness application that was missing the fiscal impact statement.  D. Lamb raised issues regarding the setbacks for any proposed use on the property.  Hearing the concerns raised the applicant requested a 6-month deferral by the commission.  Motion to defer passed 5-0


The second public hearing was Eddins/Thacker a Rezoning from R-1 residential to B-3, Business.  The property is located on the west side of US 29 along the county line.  The exact placement of the county dividing line has been a matter of some disagreement over the years.  For the purposes of this application, staff used the Albemarle County version of the county border (which made more of the project in Greene County).  Michael Barnes presented for the applicant and discussed the topographical challenges as well as the traffic impacts of the vertical curvature of US 29.


After the applicant presentation, J. Frydl opened the public hearing.


  • Andrea Wilkenson of the Ruckersville Citizens Council mentioned the applicant had met with her group and they were generally supportive but concerned about the impacts on US 29.  She indicated a concern regarding the alignment of Lake Sapponi Drive and the proposed entrance to this project.  She strongly believed the intersection is dangerous now and would be more so with the misaligned entrances. 


  • Bob Burkholder explained he was an adjacent property owner with property that would likely never be developed due to its topographical challenges.  He was supportive of the application.


With no further public comment J. Frydl closed the public hearing and brought the matter back to the commission for discussion and possible action.


A. Herring asked a question regarding the 50% construction would be brick or stone in the proffers.  M. Barnes replied that the applicant was interested in fitting into the community.  He appreciated the design elements in the out buildings at Tierney Plaza and looked to mimic this type of design.


D. Lamb raised a question about the desire for a B-3 designation.  He understood the applicant wanted maximum flexibility but he was concerned how some of the more intense uses might fit directly located on US 29 as you enter Greene County.  M. Barnes indicated those uses, if they ended up on the site would end up nearer the rear with screening.


N. Slezak had no objections to the land use but asked Mr. Barnes if he had considered putting in a pocket park for the benefit of the workers in the center.  M. Barnes indicated a willingness to consider the possibility but he could not consider that as a potential proffer.  (Mr. Slezak later refined his remarks to indicate he was only making a design suggestion rather than a proffer request).


B. Martin mentioned his attendance at the Ruckersville Citizens Council meeting and raised two concerns that he recognized the applicant had no control over – County Line disagreements and US 29 concerns.


Greene County Planning Director Bart Svoboda updated the Planning Commission on the VDOT process and where the multimodal study is in process. 


J. Frydl said the applicant’s proffer to match the fabric of the surrounding community likely covered the concern raised by Mr. Lamb regarding more intensive uses.  He also raised the concern that the entrance road, which Greene has no jurisdiction over, as it is in Albemarle County, must be acceptable to Albemarle County for this project to move forward.


Motion to approve MOTION PASSED 5-0


In the final public hearing for the evening, former County Supervisor Jimmy Henshaw voiced his concern regarding the language changes to the M-1 and M-2 designations.  After closing the public hearing and limited discussion by the commission, there was a motion to approve.  MOTION PASSED 5-0


Under old business, the Zoning Ordinance Revision for Equine Uses came back for a third time.  The ordinance allows for up to two horses on A-1 land between 2 and 5 acres by special use permit.  After brief discussion by the commission, including a concern that County attorney Ray Clark had not yet reviewed the final language, a motion to approve the ordinance change was made MOTION PASSED 5-0


The commission also voted 5-0 in favor of an extension of a site plan approval and a bylaws revision.


N. Slezak raised an issue he had with the lack of information from the Board of Supervisors regarding the water supply plan.  He was adamant about the planning commission’s need to know about the study.  B. Svoboda informed the commission of the water supply process and that the edited document is not yet ready for public consumption.


B. Svoboda informed the commission that while there was one item left on their agenda, there was only one item scheduled for the February meeting.  He left it to the commission if they wished to defer the discussion regarding business districts until the February meeting.  MOTION PASSED 5-0


Meeting adjourned 10:02 PM


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