Fluvanna’s Planning Commission Okays Resort Rezoning

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

On January 28th, the Planning Commission gave the go ahead to a rezoning that would bring golf course condominiums to the county.  The  404-unit development would integrate the Laurel Ridge golf course with the residences and be called Stonehenge Estates.

Commissioners recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve the rezoning of 231 acres from A-1 (Agricultural) to R-3 (Residential Planned Community).  The property is on the west side of Route 15 and is adjacent to Camp Friendship (Palmyra District). 

According to Mr. Keith Smith, a representative of the developer, it likely will take two years before the site plan is approved and it will be a long-term project.  The developer provided several proffers, including:

·        A $2,500 per unit contribution to the new high school or for a planned Pleasant Grove Community Center;

·        Thirty percent of the dwellings (121) will be restricted to those 55 and over – and thirty percent of that number (36) is designated as affordable housing;

·        Water and sewer taps for the Palmyra Fire Department and another hookup at Route 15 to facilitate expansion of water and sewer services in the greater Palmyra area; and,

·        A $60,000 contribution to VDOT for various road improvements.

Several members of the community spoke against the rezoning, suggesting that the scale of the project would overwhelm the village character of the Palmyra area.  The vote was unanimous.

Other Actions

  Commissioners also recommended that supervisors:

·        Approve a rezoning application by Sylvia Edmonds and Earl Barnette to rezone 6 acres from A-1 (Agricultural) to R-1 (Residential, Limited) – Fork Union District;

·        Approve a site plan request by the Fork Union Military Academy to clear and grade 5 acres for a future maintenance and fuel facility (Fork Union District); and,

·        Approve a special use permit for a retail greenhouse at the intersections of Route 600 and 616 (Palmyra District) – Chairman Elizabeth Fortune (Rivanna) dissented.

The Commission also conducted a Comprehensive Plan review for a proposal by ECTI to change the discharge point of used water from the Tenaska Power plant.  Currently the discharge is into Cunningham Creek and the proposal is to construct a pipeline to the Rivanna River, terminating near the county’s wastewater treatment plant.  Commissioners found the proposal consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.


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