Greene County Board of Supervisors Discusses School Budget Shortfall

By. Kara Reese Pennella

Action Summary: RZ#08-004 Public Hearing regarding Jefferson Area Board for Aging request to rezone from R-1, Residential to SR, Senior Residential approximately 15.16 acres located near Preddy Creek Road – Withdrawn by applicant

Motion to authorize Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission to seek grant funds for the addition of affordable housing for the disabled to the Comprehensive Plan – Approved

The Greene County Board of Supervisors held an unusually brief meeting on Tuesday, February 24, 2009. JABA withdrew its request to rezone property located near Preddy Creek for a senior residential facility which considerably lightened the agenda. The School Board provided a presentation to the Board of Supervisors regarding a deficit in the 2008 Fiscal Year Budget of about $100,000. While the Schools were actually under budget for the year a reduction in revenue and other unexpected expenses resulted in the shortfall. Superintendent Jeck noted that when the budget was drafted at the beginning of the year they had projected a 1% increase in students. Instead the school saw a 1% decrease in enrollment. This resulted in significant decrease in State funds. In addition, the school system  faced increased fuel and energy costs and legal fees which placed further burdens on its finances. After some discussion regarding why they were just now discovering this shortfall, both Boards decided to add this item to their combined workshop for further discussion.

In matters from the public, Andrea Wilkinson addressed the Board regarding health insurance. She explained that she believes that high deductable plans combined with health savings accounts are going to be the future of health care. She believes switching to this type of insurance will save companies and the County significant money. She also noted that there is a bill being considered by the Virginia Legislature that would require the state and counties to switch to this system.

In other matters from the Board, S Catalano reported that Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission had requested permission to seek grant funds that would be used toward researching and drafting a section of the Comprehensive Plan dealing with affordable housing for disabled individuals. C. Schmitt moved that the Board authorize TJPDC to seek the grant funds. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.

The next Board of Supervisor’s meeting will be March 10, 2009.


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