Fluvanna County Staff Sets Priorities

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer


Fluvanna’s planning staff has set forward a project priority proposal for consideration by the Planning Commission.  Notably absent from the list is the politically controversial issue of downzoning in the rural preservation area.  Many advocates of rural preservation contend that the Comprehensive Plan cannot be implemented effectively without greater limits on commercial and residential growth.

The complete text of the memorandum can be found here.

Many of the priority issues seek to resolve inconsistencies between the Zoning and Subdivision ordinances and the need to bring both into conformance with the goals of the draft Comprehensive Plan. According to the proposal, the planning department also “will assign the strategies of the Comp Plan to different County agencies and departments as appropriate and will then work with these agencies to implement the strategies”.  The staff does not indicate whether this proposal has been cleared with the other agencies and departments.

Staff expects to complete the project over the next 12-18 months.   According to one source, none of the suggestions seem very controversial, at least initially.   By avoiding controversial issues where possible, the draft Comprehensive Plan is expected to sail through the Board of Supervisors when it considers it later this month. 

Officials have said they are reluctant to bring up controversial planning issues in this election year.  For example, legislation that would reduce housing density in the rural preservation areas is not on the agenda.  Three supervisors: Messrs. Allbaugh (Rivanna), Moss (Columbia). and Weaver (Cunningham) – are up for reelection this fall.

 Supervisors Allbaugh and Weaver both said that they have no objection to addressing the issue before the election.  Mr. Moss declined to respond when asked if he would support a pre-election vote on land use restrictions to protect the county’s rural preservation areas.



One response

  1. John Bradley | Reply

    I believe the ‘g’ in G. Cabell Lawton stands for growth and you know, whenever I hear that word, it makes think of something requiring a surgical procedure. If anyone ever needed replacement as much as much as him it’s those four miscreant ‘supervisors’ who are aiding and abettingTenaska and the developers at Zion Cross Roads in the interest of “broadening the tax base”. An isatiable and sure formula for the destruction of the prime asset, our rural environment. Idiots or maybe worse.
    I’m not surprised Moss doesn’t want to talk about anything conroversial such as all the hidden engineering costs in that either retarded or deceptive crayon level engineering plan presented to the peons. Or confiscation. He’s never wanted to discuss anything. I’ve wanted to be rid of him forever, Allbaugh for only the short time he’s been around.
    I have a lot of data from USGS and DEQ that I could use to blow some very large holes in their venal scheme, if only could bring them to bear.
    PS: Just for some icing on the cake, Lawton was quoted in today’s Progress as saying “the authority should be able to repay the debt ……from refinancing paid for by user fees and charges for water”. HUH?!Maybe it’s a misquote, but with this guy, I doubt it.

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