Greene County Supervisors Approves Rezoning and Industrial Zoning District Updates

By. Kara Reese Pennella
Greene County Field Officer

Action Summary:
RZ#08-006 Request to Rezone 19.97 acres located along Route 29 near the Greene County Line from R-1 to B-3 – Approved
OR#08-006 Revisions to Industrial (Limited) M-1 and Industrial (General), M-2 Zoning Districts – Approved
Motion to increase the fee for Commercial waste and construction debris by $4 per ton – Approved

The Greene County Board of Supervisors, at its regular meeting on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 considered an application to rezone property from R-1, Residential to B-3, Business. It also looked at the County’s Industrial Zoning, prioritized projects for 2009 and considered a rate increase for commercial waste at the solid waste facility.

Rezoning Application

 The Board of Supervisors approved an application to rezone approximately 20 acres of land from residential to business. The property is located at the Greene/Albemarle County Line along Route 29. The Comprehensive Plan currently designates this area as either Residential or Business. Approval of the application was recommended by the Planning Commission during its January meeting.
Applicant’s proffers included a warrant study and installation of a stoplight at the Route 29 crossover, land for use as an additional lane and turn lane along Route 29 and 100 feet of stream buffer along the back of the property.  Applicant also proffered out some of B-3’s uses including Highway Retail Service Centers, Truck Stops and Terminals for Buses, Trucks, or Taxis.

 Two citizens addressed the Board regarding this project. A. Wilkerson of the Ruckersville Citizens Council felt that it would be better of Lake Saponi Drive could be moved to eliminate the need for a U-turn on Route 29. R. Burkholder, an adjoining property owner spoke in favor of the project.

During its discussion the Board asked several questions about the traffic proffers as well as voicing their support for the project. C. Schmitt commented that it was “good project.”  B. Peyton noted that the project is ideally situated for the proposed use. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the application with proffers.

Industrial Zoning
 At the request of staff, the Board considered changes to the language of Industrial Zoning Ordinance. The changes bring the Industrial Zoning in line with other zoning districts by allowing less intense uses in the more intense zoning district. M-1 uses will be permitted M-2 districts.
Two citizens spoke about the changes. A. Wilkerson was concerned about the setback requirements for Industrial Zoning. Another citizen did not feel the change in the ordinance was necessary.

 After some discussion the Board determined to go forward with the changes as written, but requested that Staff provide them with information regarding the County’s current setback requirements. The Board also requested that Staff identify what Industrial Zoning the County currently has in place.  The Board unanimously approved the ordinance revisions.

Other Matters
 The Board also worked to prioritize items for 2009. Among those projects on the list were removing the ability to expand nonconforming uses and housekeeping revisions to ordinances. The Board also specifically requested that a water and sewer service area be established within the County. It is likely that the development of a service area will be included in the Comprehensive Plan.

 B. Clark, the County Administrator reported to the Board regarding the solid waste facility in Greene County. He reported that the tonnage of waste handled by the county is increasing yearly. While as of December 31st the facility had a net profit of about $36,000, he noted that there had been no additional equipment expenses during the period. Equipment maintenance expenses can be very costly; consequently, he recommended a $4 per ton increase of commercial and construction waste to increase revenue in anticipation of future maintenance needs. Citizens’ per bag cost will not be increased. The Board unanimously approved the $4 increase per ton.


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