TJPDC draft map puts Zion Crossroads in Greene County

By. Neil Williamson

The Free Enterprise Forum has been critical of hiring the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission to “assist” in the creation of Greene County’s Comprehensive Plan as they just completed Fluvanna County’s comprehensive plan.  I anticipated cookie cutter planning from TJPDC. 

Imagine my lack of surprise when I reviewed the public information maps at the Greene County Administration Building this afternoon and found this in the map:

Perhaps the most critical location for the development of an urban street network is at the Zion Crossroads target area.  This is the largest area and is the focus of regional growth, yet it has no street network beyond the intersection of US 250 and US 15.  The regional partners must work closely with developers (using guidelines presented here) to develop a street network concurrent with growth in Zion Crossroads.

An analysis of traffic conditions at buildout was performed at the intersection of US 250 and US 15 in Zion Crossroads.  The analysis showed that unless an urban street network is built, traffic volumes at the intersection will be over 60 percent greater, likely requiring a flyover or some other type of grade separation.

To be fair, Zion Crossroads is in two counties, neither of which is named Greene!  A link to a PDF of this map element is here.

This is not the only example of unprofessional sloppiness from TJPDC and their subcontractors.  On the same map is another “break out box” outlining the maximum street widths desired.  at the bottom of the box in all caps it reads:


The US 29 Multimodal study will frame the discussion of the comprehensive plan and many of the maps will become a part of the comprehensive plan.  There will be a public meeting next Tuesday March 31 from 6 – 9 pm at the Stanardsville Firehouse to discuss the draft maps.

Greene County residents should be concerned that elements of the maps prepared by the well paid TJPDC consultant group were simply lifted from their work in Fluvanna. 

When the Free Enterprise Forum raised this issue to the Greene County Planning Staff, we were told these are just drafts not the final maps.  We believe the issue is a symptom. 

If the consultant group can’t be bothered to create unique maps for Greene County how much real Greene County specific thought is going into this plan?

It’s too late to fire the consultants, but it is high time Greene County Supervisors and Planning Commissioners stop playing nice and demand better work out of them.


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  1. Richard Herring | Reply

    Thanks Neil: We got the same results with the Emergency Operations Plan in Greene County

  2. […] And finally, Zion Crossroads did not appear on the maps presented in the meeting. [For readers who would like the full story on how Zion Crossroads temporarily ended up on the map in Greene County click here.] […]

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