Greene County Board of Supervisors Raise Transient Occupancy Tax and Talk Roads with VDOT

By. Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer


            Greene County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to raise the Transient Occupancy Tax in Greene County by 3 % at their regular meeting on April 14, 2009. The new tax rate is 5%, the maximum permitted by law. The additional 3% tax will be dedicated to promoting tourism in Greene County. Roy Dye, Executive Director of Stanardsville Area Revitalization (STAR) spoke in favor of the measure. Other members of the public expressed concern that the funds might be used for items other than tourism. The Board addressed those concerns by reminding the public that 3% increase could only be used for tourism. B. Peyton moved to approve the increase, noting this is “more in line with other counties”. The measure passed by a 5 to 0 vote.


            The Board of Supervisors also received their quarterly update from VDOT and discussed revisions to the six year plan.  First, VDOT provided their quarterly report noting that the park road was complete and they are looking into providing a gate. VDOT also expects Bacon Hollow Road to be completed this summer. VDOT is also looking into requests from the public to reduce the speed limits on 607 and 670.


            The Board also conducted a workshop with VDOT for the six year plan. Given the tight fiscal constraints on VDOT the outlook for the six year plan was rather gloomy. VDOT encouraged the Board to choose roads that might actually be fundable. The Board created a list of approximately six roads: Bacon Hollow Road, Mutton Hollow Road, Matthew Mill Road, Beasley Road Bridge Replacement, Sims Road and Middle River Road. Sims Road and Middle River Road were added to the list under the Rural Rustic Road Program. The State has not allocated any new funding for these projects and federal dollars are not available for them. If funding becomes available for them it will be a combination of remaining funds from the other projects. The public hearing on the six year plan is tentatively scheduled for May 12, 2009.


            In other matters from the Board J. Allen again put forward the idea of a barking dog ordinance. She continues to receive complaints from an unidentified citizen who is in a dispute with his neighbor over their barking dogs.  After a brief discussion it was determined staff will provide the Board with a copy of Albemarle’s ordinance for consideration at a future meeting.


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