Fluvanna’s Planners Again Approve Golf Condos

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

Fluvanna’s Planning Commission approved the Rivanna River Resort rezoning request for the second time in just over three months.  This time however, the application to rezone from A-1 (Agricultural) to R-3 (Residential) came with far less density and a realigned building blueprint that spread the development over a wider area.

Commissioners unanimously recommended approval of the master plan, just as they did before, but its prospects for approval by the supervisors seem stronger this time.  Supervisors were particularly concerned about the previous plan’s density and this application reduced that to 254 units.

Substantial opposition arose to the initial proposal last February as residents criticized not only the density but also the location of the proposed development:  just north of Palmyra village on Route 15.  No citizens spoke before the Planning Commission this time.

In another major development, the hotly opposed joint water authority with Louisa County received the okay from the State Corporation Commission, which approved its Articles of Incorporation on April 21st.  County officials have said that the fight is over and that there are no grounds for appeal.

The referendum proponents have challenged that notion.  One source says that one approach will be to continue to hammer away at Fluvanna’s public advertisement, which they contend, violated state law by omitting waterline cost estimates.

Both sides will square off in court on May 15th.


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