Fluvanna Developments: Water, Politics, and Planning

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

At the last Fluvanna Board of Supervisors meeting on May 6th, supervisors had little of substance to address.  However, in a major leap into the twenty-first century, supervisors have agreed to spend $7,000 to institute audio podcasts of their meetings.  Podcasts could be expanded to include other Boards and Commissions as well as potential video broadcasts as well.

But other developments in the county have attracted some interest.

The joint water authority with Louisa County continues to percolate along. The State Corporation Commission signed off on the Article of Incorporation, effectively establishing the entity.  An organizational meeting of the Authority was held in Fluvanna on May 7th

There will be a court hearing on May 15 in Fluvanna to review the merits of the petition that seeks to force a referendum on the issue.  Meanwhile, the petitioners are seeking donations to raise an additional $20,000 to pursue the issue in the Va. Supreme Court.  They already have spent over $15,000.

The Planning Commission will take up the question of establishing a Planned Urban Development district (PUD) later this month.  The districts would be established in the county’s designated growth areas (such as Zion Crossroads).  This would be the first effort to revise the zoning ordinances to take into account the recently passed Comprehensive Plan.

Politics in Fluvanna is getting warmer. In one of the two Rivanna (Lake Monticello) districts, incumbent Charles Allbaugh has informed people that he intends to seek reelection.  Planning Commissioner Joe Chesser already has announced his intention to run for that seat.

In the Columbia district, there is no word from Board Chairman Marvin Moss regarding his intentions, but two other names have surfaced as potential challenges.  One is Ms. Elizabeth Franklin.  Ms. Franklin is a citizen activist who combines fiscal conservatism with a slow growth, rural preservation approach to development.  The other possible name mentioned is Mr. Sean Kenney, a political conservative with strong ties to the Republican Party.  The Columbia district is generally considered one of the more liberal districts in the Fluvanna County.


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