McIntire Misplaced on “Endangered” List

By. Neil Williamson

Forty two years after it was first drawn on a cocktail napkin (so the legend goes) the Albemarle County portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway is under construction.   But even as contractors prepare the northern terminus of the road, the Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park (CPMP) is battling in court to stop the road.

The CPMP’s latest ally in the battle is Preservation Virginia; who this week listed McIntire Park as an endangered site.  The list itself was rather eclectic including:

Former Home of Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Colonial Heights The congregation built a large new structure in 2008. The building has been unused since that time. … We urge a serious consideration of adaptive reuse that would preserve the presence of this stately building on the main street through Colonial Heights.

Wolftrap, Isle of Wight County –
 threatened by vandalism; damage from large trees that could potentially fall on the house, and serious termite and rot to its foundation. We urge the owner of the house and the owner of the adjacent lands to work together to ensure the stabilization and preservation of this unusual and unique architectural gem.

Selma, Loudoun County 
We … urge the owners as well as the County to work together to protect this important local landmark.

McIntire Park, Charlottesville
McIntire Park is Charlottesville’s largest and most underutilized park.  We urge the City and all concerned to give proper consideration to this amenity and not to allow convenience to outweigh the benefit of open recreational space available to all citizens.

Historic Barns of Pittsylvania County 
We urge Pittsylvania County and its citizens to investigate … stewardship measures before more of these tangible reminders of our agricultural heritage are lost.

Konnarock Girl’s School, Troutdale
Konnarock Girls’ School was the center of the community during much of its existence. We urge the community and county to take swift action to arrest the deterioration that is threatening this building.

A cursory review of the many of the good works of Preservation Virginia, leads this writer to belive they accepted the self nomination of CSMP without significant due diligence.  Such a proper examination would have revealed the acquisition of Pen Park as a replacement for the Meadowcreek golf course, the significant parkland swap that was a part of the Meadowcreek Parkway agreement as well as the forty two year history of community discussion of this rather short 2 mile parkway.  In addition, an understanding of the project would include the addition of bicycle lanes and the expanded access to McIntire Park.

To be  blunt, I do not know which I find more out of place, McIntire Park on the Preservation Virginia’s Endangered List or the organization’s media release (absent a byline) on the front page of this morning’s (5/20) Daily Progress.


One response

  1. Dear Neil,

    Please consider sharing the cocktail napkin story! I am not familiar with that piece of Charlottesville-Albemarle lore.


    Bill Emory

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