Fluvanna Supervisors Set Record?


By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

 In what supervisor Don Weaver (Cunningham) claimed could well have been the shortest meeting in his tenure, Fluvanna’s Board of Supervisors dispatched a routine agenda in less than two hours on June 3rd.  The only (mildly) interesting news came when Chairman Marvin Moss (Columbia) proudly announced that he had procured a $150,000 grant to partially fund a water collection system at the new high school.  The captured water would be used to irrigate the athletic fields.

In a response to a question from Mr. Weaver, staff reported that the collection system’s anticipated cost exceeds $1.8 million.

On June 10th, the School Board will discuss whether or not to extend the current Superintendent’s contract, which currently has two more years to run.  This standard procedure has caused some to object to the closed-door consideration of the discussion.

It appears that the campaign to force a referendum on the joint water authority may be ending.  The petitioners’ lead counsel has reportedly withdrawn from the case (a financial benefactor had instituted a cost ceiling) and a key architect of the campaign suggested as much in a private meeting.  The James River Water Authority has begun meeting and requested operating funds from both Fluvanna and Louisa counties.

Independent candidates for the fall election must file their petitions by June 9th.  To date, no race is contested although that is expected to change.  Both Supervisors Moss and Weaver (Republican) will be on the ballot, as will Mr. Joe Chesser, who is seeking the seat currently held by Supervisor Charles Allbaugh (Rivanna).

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