Fluvanna Election Slate Set

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

It took until the last day of filing for some to turn in the paperwork but the Fluvanna Supervisors races are set for this fall.  Here is a breakdown of who is running for what.

Columbia District:  Board of Supervisors chairman Marvin Moss will stand for reelection.  As chairman, Mr. Moss has overseen significant developments in the county – most notably the funding for the new high school and the adoption of a joint Fluvanna – Louisa Water Authority to bring water from the James River to Zion Crossroads.  But as chairman he has not been a unifying force for the county and perhaps no other member of the Board draws more animosity.  His opponent is Mr. Shaun Kenney, a conservative in one of the most liberal districts in the county.  No doubt his opponents will remind voters that he is, of all things:  a Republican.  But as political leaders on both sides have stressed, party affiliation really does not count for much in Fluvanna’s local elections.

Cunningham:  Supervisor Don Weaver is running for reelection.  The institutional memory of the Board, he is unabashedly conservative in fiscal matters.  His opponent, yes there is an opponent this time, is novice politician Mr. Keith Smith, a local real estate developer and consultant. 

Rivanna:   Supervisor Charles Allbaugh, a rookie last time around, will try to retain his seat against a challenger:  Mr. Joe Chesser, who is contesting his first race.  Mr. Allbaugh, closely tied to the building of the new high school is seen as an ally of Mr. Moss on the Board.   Mr. Chesser is a member of the Planning Commission and was involved with the development of the recently approved Comprehensive Plan.

The Moss “alliance” enjoys a  4-2 voting majority on the Board of Supervisors.  Consequently, a loss of one member on the BOS would likely require more compromise than hitherto has been seen.


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