Greene County Board of Supervisors Hear from VDOT in Route 29 Corridor Study Work Session


By. Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer

Action Summary:

Resolution recognizing volunteer fire departments and rescue squads as legally organized and authorized providers of fire and rescue services for inclusion in the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program – Approved

Resolution approving request from STAR to use the Courthouse/County Administration Grounds for the 4th of July Parade – Approved

Motion to award the contract for work on Pump Station #13 to Lance Construction of Broadway – Approved

The Greene County Board of Supervisors dealt with a light agenda on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. The Board welcomed Stephen Williams the new executive director of Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. They then held a work session with VDOT on the statewide Route 29 Corridor Study. The Board was able to dispose of most other matters quickly as part of the consent agenda.

Stephen Williams, Executive Director or Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) was introduced to the Board of Supervisors. Williams has twenty-five years of planning experience. He noted that his philosophy as director of TJPDC would be to “provide the best possible service to our member governments.”

VDOT US 29 StudyNext the Board of Supervisors heard from VDOT regarding the Route 29 Corridor Study. This is one of many overlapping studies currently being conducted on Route 29. This particular study focuses on Route 29 from Gainesville, Virginia all the way to the North Carolina Boarder and covers approximately 219 miles.  Workshop sessions have been held in several localities as a part of the study. As a result of those sessions VDOT has identified a number of themes for the improvement of Route 29. These include access control, congestion mitigation, corridor planning and multi-modal means of transportation. VDOT is also interested in increased stewardship or management of policies that affect Route 29.

The Board provided few comments on the study. C. Schmitt had attended the planning workshops. He recognized that many of the ideas put forth in those meetings may never be developed because of a lack of funding. S. Catalano was very interested in a statewide plan for Route 29 but showed some hesitance at increasing VDOT’s control over localities. He also observed that many localities relied on Route 29 as a business corridor because it was the only infrastructure available to them. B. Peyton felt that the most immediate need was to manage access to Route 29. In his opinion, new housing developments should never be given direct access to 29 but should instead be required to link to existing secondary roads to access Route 29. The Board generally agreed that an overarching plan for the corridor is needed, however; that plan needs to be sensitive to the challenges that small localities like Greene County face.

The Board moved quickly through the consent agenda and a few housekeeping matters from their Executive Session. With no comment from the public or other matters from the Board the meeting was adjourned.


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