June 25, 2009

Charlottesville, VA – The Free Enterprise Forum launched a new web portal to provide the public with clear concise answers regarding the Community Water Supply.  Designed to promote informed dialog, the site answers frequently asked questions and includes links to web based original source material providing users a conduit to research the supporting documentation.  

The Free Enterprise Forum has raised concerns in recent weeks regarding the level of transparency in the process.  Of additional concern is the plan’s failure to capture the impact of inflation on future project costs.

Free Enterprise Forum President Neil Williamson said, “The approved water supply plan was developed in a well designed, participatory, public process.  Unfortunately, the permitting process and the costs associated with the plan have not been readily available to the general public. seeks to provide citizens a portal to get to such often elusive information.”

 “Regardless of the Free Enterprise Forum position on the Community Water Supply, will not shy away from researching the difficult questions and providing clear fact based analysis, whether it is supportive of the approved plan or not” Williamson said.

The Free Enterprise Forum is a privately funded, public policy organization covering local government in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.  For more information about The Free Enterprise Forum, visit


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