Allbaugh Quits Fluvanna Race

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

Supervisor Charles Allbaugh (Rivanna) shocked fellow Board members when he informed them on July 15th that he was quitting his reelection bid.  Later in the evening Mr. Allbaugh made it official in a public announcement at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Allbaugh cited his desire to spend more time with his family as a primary reason for leaving the race barely a month after he submitted his paperwork to run for reelection.  Observers believed that Allbaugh was in for a tough reelection campaign against Planning Commissioner Joe Chesser.

Allbaugh praised Mr. Chesser on two occasions, stating his belief that Chesser would “do a good job” as his replacement.  Allbaugh was elected handily to his first term and campaigned on a promise to build a new high school.   The new high school currently is under construction and Allbaugh said in his remarks that he had accomplished what he set out to do [as supervisor].

Widely perceive as a strong ally of Board Chairman Marvin Moss (Columbia), his departure will make it more difficult for the Chairman to bend the Board to his agenda.

Only a highly organized write-in campaign could defeat Chesser at this point who now is running unopposed for the second Rivanna seat.  The two Rivanna districts encompass the Lake Monticello area of the county.

During the Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board deferred consideration of the proposed new Planned Urban Development (PUD) zone.  Supervisor Gene Ott complained that they had not been adequately briefed on the proposal prior to the public hearing.  He suggested that the Board consider it at a work session on July 22nd and then vote on the proposal at the August meeting.

In other matters, supervisors granted a special use permit for a nursery and one for a “mud bog”: a facility that will test drivers’  and trucks’ ability to complete a linear course without getting stuck.

The Board will only meet once in August, on the 5th, and then take its summer break for the rest of the month.

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