Fluvanna Supervisors Punt on Draft Stormwater Regs

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

Fluvanna’s Board of Supervisors opted not to register its concerns over Virginia’s draft stormwater management regulations at its August 5th meeting.  Rather that pass a resolution that would have objected to the regulatory cost and the impacts upon developers and its land use policy, supervisors deferred any comment until after the state’s August 21st deadline.

As supervisors were discussing the issue, Chairman Marvin Moss (Columbia) made a surprise intervention to suggest a deferral.  Ostensibly, the reason was to wait for the Thomas Jefferson Planning District’s letter on the same subject.  That letter reportedly will be circulated just prior to the comment period deadline.  It appeared from the discussion that at least some supervisors were unfamiliar with the issue’s implications, despite supervisor John Gooch’s (Palmyra) efforts to inform them on previous occasions.

In another important decision, the supervisors approved a new zoning category:  the Planned Urban Development (PUD) district. The new district would permit significantly greater density in mixed-use developments designated for growth areas.  The likeliest area for initial development would be in the vicinity of Zion Crossroads  — which would require a minimum 20 acre PUD. 

Other areas of the county would require smaller minimum acreage.  Bonus density increases would be granted depending on the amount of open space in the proposal as well as commitments to affordable housing.  Supervisors did understand the linkage between affordable housing and the expenses that would be incurred to meet the states stormwater management regulations.

In other significant activity, supervisors accepted a proposal by DigitalBridge Communications to provide broadband services to under served (rural) areas of the county under Virginia’s Public-Private Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Policy Act (PPEA).  This will allow DigitalBridge to move forward with the design and grant application.

Supervisors will not meet again formally until September 2nd, but are scheduled to have a working lunch with Congressman Perriello on August 17th, at the Old Fluvanna Courthouse.


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