Miscounting Cars in Places29

By. Neil Williamson

In last night’s (8/11) Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting, there was a discussion regarding the potential of expanding the growth area to include an area on the northwest corner of US 29 where it crosses the South Fork of the Rivanna River. In the original Places29 Draft, two hundred acres around this area were suggested for inclusion in the development area by the Places 29 consultant team. This concept was later removed by the Planning Commission.

Unfortunately, the traffic impacts were NOT removed from the Places29 traffic study. places29_web

This means the traffic generation figures the entire Places29 Master Plan is built on erroneously include:

  • 70 extra acres of Urban Residential
  • 90 extra acres of Neighborhood Density
  • 10 extra acres of Neighborhood Service 

Considering the long gestation period for Places29, The Free Enterprise Forum is very concerned that this issue was just brought to light last night. While we do not anticipate this will dramatically change the outcome of the traffic modeling, we know Albemarle County would not accept such sloppy traffic work in a rezoning application.

When Albemarle County is the one preparing the traffic study, shouldn’t the same standard of performance be demanded?


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