Greene County BOS on 2010 Legislative Program and Route 29 Study

By.  Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer

Action Summary:

Resolution to accept and appropriate $18,264 in Byrne JAG Program Funds for the Sheriff’s Department – Approved

Resolution to accept and appropriate $16,477 in grant fund from the DMV for the Sherriff’s Department – Approved

Request form Sherriff’s Department for authorization to apply for additional grant funds – Approved

            The Greene County Board of Supervisors received reports on the 2010 Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Legislative Program and on the Multimodal Corridor Plan for Route 29 and 33.   

             D. Blount, TJPDC’s Legislative Liaison to Richmond provided a bleak outlook for the coming year. He noted that there would continue to be reductions in aid to localities. He expects education funding to take another big hit in the coming budget year. He predicted that new legislation in land use issues such as urban development areas, proffer and impact fees, and storm water management regulations would be likely. In the area of transportation funds would be limited to maintenance and meeting federal matches. Finally, he noted that FY’s 2011 & 2012 would likely be worse than FY 2010.

             J. Espie of Renaissance Planning Group presented the Final Draft of the Multimodal Corridor Study Plan to the Board. First, he provided an overview the development of the plan including two community workshops occurring in November of 2008 and March of 2009. The remainder of the presentation focused on the Transportation Framework Plan and addressed issues such as connectivity and access management.

             C. Schmitt inquired about ordinances the County should pass in order to comply with the plan. B. Wanner of TJPDC suggested that the County review its subdivision ordinance. He also noted that many of the access management and other standards applied in the study are fairly new.  He further suggested that the best way to enact this plan is through the CIP and proffer system noting that VDOT and the county can not fund this plan (ephasis added). He also suggested that having a clear plan will help the county “negotiate” with developers.

             S. Catalano again reiterated his frustration that the County continually seeks VDOT’s input of projects and follows their recommendations and yet many of our roads do not meet their standards. He also expressed concern that Route 33 be developed so that it does not have the same problems as Route 29.

             B. Peyton predicted that traffic flow today in Greene County is as good as it will ever be and traffic will only get worse. He noted that there are not sufficient funds to provide the necessary roads. He stated “The answer to control traffic… [is] don’t allow development if it will cause congestion.”

             The Board pulled two items off of the consent agenda for discussion. The items in question were a resolution to accept grants from DMV for the Sheriff’s Department and a request to apply for additional grants. The Board wanted to make it clear that it was only accepting the grant from DMV because the match funds were already in the Departments’ budget. They also made clear that new grants would only be accepted if they do not require a local match. Both items were unanimously approved.


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