Greene County BOS Tables Request for Additional Funding from Greene Combined District Court

By. Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer

The Greene County Board of Supervisors refused to vote to approve additional allocation of $840.00 to the Greene Combined District Court  for use in paying attorneys fees for court appointed attorneys in cases charged under the County Code. The Board previously requested written procedures from the departments involved for handling these charges. The requested procedures have not been received and the matter will be tabled until the written procedures are submitted to the Board.

Steve Williams, Director of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission made a presentation to the Board titled “Dealing with the Impacts of Rapid Growth” (PDF) . He shared his experiences from New Hampshire focusing on the NH 101 A corridor which he believes is comparable to U.S. 29. Among the several issues that New Hampshire region faced he noted that there was no planning for fiscal sustainability. Additionally, long term residents were permitted to do things that were not considered good for the community and called for a better balance between the interests of the land owners and the community as a whole.

The Board also discussed the costs of connector roads with S. Williams. B. Peyton asked “Who bore the cost of connector roads?” S. Williams noted that in New Hampshire they were able to interconnect the parking lots of businesses just by getting developers make the curb cuts that allowed cars to pass from parking lot to parking lot. This was much less costly then constructing new connector roads.

S. Catalano addressed the issue of funding new roads and observed that in Virginia localities have limited ability to fix the roads. He noted that “to push more on development than their fair share would cripple our EDA.”

Finally, the Board heard from a group of citizens who are involved in a dispute within their subdivision of Dogwood Valley. Citizens suggested that the Board look into utilizing the Americans with Disabilities Act to help them get their roads paved. Members of the Board attempted to explain that they have no authority to improve the roads within the subdivision.

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