Greene County Planning Commission Reviews Plans to Reduce the Counties Growth Area

by. Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer 

            The Greene County Planning Commission held a workshop session on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 to unveil the first draft of the new Land Use Map for the Comprehensive Plan Update. The new proposed map reduces the parts of the County designated for growth to an area slightly smaller than proposed water and sewer service area.

 TJPDC pic

Staff suggested as they move forward with the Land Use Map that instead of designating individual parcels for a specific use the County consider creating zoning rings. These rings would allow for more flexibility than assigning each parcel one preferred zoning designation.     

             The Planning Commission provided some brief comments to Bill Wanner of Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission regarding the new map. B. Martin was concerned that there had not yet been any integration of the old plan into the new plan and asked how that would be achieved. D. Lamb was concerned that we might be putting too much focus on the residential aspect of the growth area. He noted we need to plan for industry as well. A. Herring agreed pointing out that there have been 3-4 inquiries with the EDA over the last month or so from companies who are interested in moving to Greene County.

           proposed growth 2The Planning Commission continued their discussion of the Comprehensive Plan at the end of the regular meeting. B. Martin noted that he felt confident in reducing the growth area places where we have water and sewer, but “can’t justify anything smaller.” He was also concerned that there are a large number of landowners who will be affected by the reduction in the size of the growth area that were not present at the meeting to voice any concerns. A. Herring noted that the planning commission has advertised this meeting and there is only so much the commission can do to get people to attend meetings. The County does not have the manpower to knock on everyone’s door.

           J. Frydl briefly reviewed why some properties were taken out of the growth area. The growth area around Stanardsville was reduced in response to citizen comments that they wanted Stanardsville to remain small with a village feel. Some areas were cut because they did not have water and sewer service. Land located south of 33 was also taken out of the growth area. The Commission expressed some concern over removing this land and asked for clarification as to why it was taken out.

             The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will have a joint meeting to review the Comp Plan’s progress on October 13, 2009 at 6 pm.


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