Greene County BOS Approves Change to 2003 Comprehensive Plan

By. Kara Reese Pennella, Greene County Field Officer

 Action Summary:

SUP09-003 Request by CVS 75711 VA LLC for a Special Use Permit for an electronic message center – Approved

CPA 09-001 Roberts request to remove approximately 200 acres from the growth area –Approved

Request from Social Services to fill a vacancy for a temporary emergency worker – Approved

             The Greene County Board of Supervisors held its regular meeting on September 22, 2009. Supervisor J. Allen was absent from the meeting. The Board held two brief public hearings. They also received an update from Social Services.

             The first public hearing on the agenda was a request by CVS for special use permit (SUP) to install an electronic message board. The property is located on 29 N and sits cattycorner from the Arby’s site which also has SUP for an electronic message center. Staff provided a brief report noting that the Board of Zoning Appeals has already approved a larger sign in exchange for reducing the number of signs on the property from 2 to 1. The Planning Commission recommended approval for the application in their August meeting. The Commission’s intent at the time was to attach the same conditions to this special use permit that were placed on the Arby’s sign.

             Applicant addressed the Board and noted that there had been some confusion at the Planning Commission meeting over whether the Arby’s sign had been allowed to change messages every 2 or 4 four hours. The Planning Commission had been informed that it was 4 hours and approved that time interval to maintain consistency between the two signs. Applicant has since confirmed that Arby’s sign was approved with a two hour interval and requested that CVS be allowed to use the same interval.

             The Board agreed that they wanted to keep the rules consistent for the two signs and approved the Special use permit with the conditions that 1) The electronic message center shall be considered part of the aggregate signage 2) The electronic message center shall not have neon colored lights and shall not flash, rotate or visually move so as to preserve the aesthetic character of the community and promote traffic safety, except as provided in number six 3) The message center shall not be animated in any manner 4) The electronic message shall not scroll across the electronic center 5) The permitted hours of operation for the electronic message center shall be consistent with the hours of operation of the building located on 60-(A)-20E. The electronic message center shall not be operated after the close of business. 6) Electronic message center may be changed at periodical intervals of every two hours, within the hours of operation. 

             The second public hearing of the evening was a request to remove 200 acres from the growth area in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  Robert & Susan Roberts, Jr. sought the amendment to remove 200 acres of their land from the growth area so that it may be included in a conservation easement. The total conservation easement will cover their entire 500 acre property.

             C. Schmitt noted that this was an appropriate request and a beautiful piece of property. B. Peyton indicated that he could not imagine denying this request. M. Skeens moved to approve the request to amend the Comprehensive Plan. The motion passed by a unanimous vote.

             In other matters from the public,  James Howard of Social Services presented an update on the increasing case load in Greene County. He indicated that food stamp applications were up 49%. Requests for help from the food bank were also up.  He requested permission to hire and emergency worker for the remainder of the year. Emergency workers are temporary workers who do not accrue benefits. Social services has some additional funds leftover from other line items and requested permission to use those funds to pay for the emergency worker. The Board approved the request for the emergency worker.

             The Board also discussed what it wanted to do with funds raised from the sale of a totaled police vehicle. In the past the funds raised from selling vehicles for scrap has gone back into the sheriff department’s line item. However, since the sheriff’s department had already purchased new vehicles for this year the Board determined that they would like to put the new funds into the general fund. They felt the money should be kept for an emergency.


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