2009 Candidate Forums

By. Neil Williamson, President

Over the past few weeks, the Free Enterprise Forum has been very busy coordinating candidate forums in several localities.  We have been conducting such forums since 2003, over the past few election cycles we have coordinated our efforts in Charlottesville and Albemarle with Charlottesville Tomorrow.  This cycle we completed Samuel Miller District, Rio District and Charlottesville City Council with Charlottesville Tomorrow.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with the CT staff on these events.

Photo: Charlottesville Tomorrow

Photo: Charlottesville Tomorrow

The questions crafted for these forums are designed to enlighten the audience about the issues of the day.  I encourage you to click on the video links below to see how the candidates answered our questions regarding the role of government in economic development, transportation, growth management and water supply.

Last week, we completed out fourth forum working with the Greene County Chamber of Commerce in the race for the Stanardsville seat on the Board of Supervisors.  On October 22nd, we will be n Fluvanna County conducting our last candidate forum for the cycle with their Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, I also implore you to vote on November 3rd.  In every race, turnout will be key.  If previous off year elections are any harbinger, less than 50% of registered voters will vote in this election.  Plan to make your voice heard on the 3rd. 

Video links to the first three candidate forums:

Samuel Miller District Candidates Forum from Charlottesville Tomorrow on Vimeo.

City Council Candidates Forum from Charlottesville Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Rio District Candidates Forum from Charlottesville Tomorrow on Vimeo.


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