Greene County BOS Holds Joint Session with PC to Discuss the Comprehensive Plan

By. Kara Pennella, Greene County Field Officer

             The Greene County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission met in a joint session on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 to review the Draft Comprehensive Plan. Bill Wanner of Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission presented a summary of the plan to both the Board and the Commission. J. Frydl, Chairman of the Planning Commission also provided an overview of the process that the Commission used to come up with the proposed smaller growth area.proposed growth 2

             J. Frydl outlined the factors that went into creating the new growth area. First, the Commission looked at the preferred scenario created in the Multimodal Corridor Study (101 page PDF) Workshops and the water/sewer service area boundaries. They then tried to establish hard boundaries that followed property lines or other natural boundaries. Some properties were removed from the growth area because the Commission felt that the appropriate density had already been reached.  

           J. Frydl noted that there has already been some feedback from the public.  There have been some concerns from the public over removing property zoned Senior Residential because it might cause some issues moving forward with those projects. There have also been lots of comments about property on the southwest side of Route 33 and the PC is working to determine what, if any, of the property should be included in the growth area.

             The Board of Supervisors also provided comments on the draft plan. C. Schmitt had some questions regarding areas where the water and sewer boundaries did not match the proposed growth area. He noted the water and sewer service area was in the process of being reduced. C. Schmitt also expressed concern over making Stanardsville an Urban Development Area. He felt UDA’s required such a high density that Stanardsville might loose the village feel that residents sought.  J. Allen was generally happy with the plan but felt that there were a few properties that were taken out of the growth area that should be put back in. B. Peyton noted he would like to see property on the southwest side of 33 put back in the growth area. S. Catalano listed several areas that he would like the PC to revisit for possible inclusion in the growth area including the southwest side of Route 33 and some lots which have already been rezoned B-3.

             The Board and Commission briefly discussed the timeline for completion of the Comprehensive Plan. Staff indicated that the Board would likely not hold public hearings and vote on the plan until after the beginning of the New Year due to the reduced number of meetings for the holidays.


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