Fluvanna Again Delays Water Authority Vote

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

At its October 21st meeting, Fluvanna’s Board of Supervisors again postponed a decision on accepting a draft agreement between Louisa and Fluvanna counties and the James River Water Authority.   Reportedly, a state agency has additional questions regarding the agreement and is seeking clarification on several points.  As a result, the process has been delayed for the second time this month.

As a result of the delays, the project might now require interim financing since the window for state issued financing has closed for 2009.  Additionally, it was announced that the Virginia Supreme Court has accepted an appeal filed by a Fluvanna citizen against establishing the joint water authority. 

The authority has been mired in controversy in Fluvanna since it was established over the objections of citizens who wanted a referendum on the subject. 

Although the meeting lasted less than one hour, the Board managed to make two other key decisions:  one regarding the Zoning Ordinance and one with respect to delinquent taxes. 

The Board amended the uses permitted and defined in the Zoning Ordinance to clarify ambiguities and establish greater uniformity.  According to the staff there were uses permitted in the ordinance that were not defined and definitions of uses that were not permitted.  The 96 pages of changes, after one deletion, passed unanimously.

The Board also retained Mr. Anthony Paone, of the Innsbruck Law Group, to “perform the services of a Delinquent [Collection] tax attorney.  The county currently has over $1.9 million in outstanding delinquent payments [including penalties and interest].  According to one source, the Treasurer was less than enthusiastic about the decision to procure outside counsel.

Separately, the Free Enterprise Forum joined with the Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce to hold a Candidate Forum on October 22nd.  Supervisor Moss and challengers Shaun Kenney and Keith Smith responded to questions before about 20 citizens, many of whom are influential in the community.

While the candidates took many of the positions articulated previously in the campaign, one new development was their united opposition to a Business and Professional Occupation License, or BPOL tax.  The tax currently has little support on the present Board of Supervisors so it is unlikely to pass anytime in the near future.


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