The New Majorities – Albemarle and Fluvanna BOS Hit the Ground Running

By. Neil Williamson, President

Both the Albemarle and Fluvanna County Boards of Supervisors held their first 2010 meeting yesterday (1/7).  Each Board has two new members that will likely represent a shift from 3-3 stalemate to a 4-2 majority on many issues.

When County Administrator Cabell Lawton gaveled the meeting to order in Fluvanna County, a large number of citizens applauded and gave the new Board a standing ovation.  Several Fluvanna Supervisors indicated it would no longer be “Business as Usual” in Fluvanna County.  [Fluvanna Field Officer Bill Des Rochers will have a full report on the Fluvanna meeting posted later today]

Meanwhile in Albemarle County, Supervisor Ken Boyd introduced a motion in “Other matters from the Board” that he described as a blueprint for the Board.

The motion highlights the new Board’s desire for

· Economic development

· Zero based budgeting

· Improved Development review process

· Possible expansion of Light Industrial inventory

· Expeditious efforts regarding Berkmar Drive Extended

· Sign ordinance revisions

The motion was designed to provide staff with direction regarding the board priorities.  The motion passed 4-2 (Mallek and Rooker opposed).  Charlottesville Tomorrow has the full story (and podcast).

The Free Enterprise Forum believes the political shifts in Fluvanna and Albemarle are nothing less than seismic.  If the new Boards are able to make significant progress regarding economic development and the reduction of onerous regulatory barriers, the community will be stronger for their efforts.  

With these new majorities it will be most interesting to see how the work of these Boards change from previous iterations.  Based on the first meetings, it promises to be a fascinating two years.


20070731williamson Neil Williamson is the President of The Free Enterprise Forum, a public policy organization covering the City of Charlottesville as well as Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna and Nelson County.  For more information visit the website


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