New Home Starts Down Again in Fluvanna

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

According to statistics just released by Fluvanna County, building permits for new home construction declined again in 2009, for the fifth straight year. Dwelling permits declined from 118 to 114 in 2008 – a 3.4 percent drop.

Only an increase in mobile home permits prevented a greater decline; mobile home permits increased by six to a total of nine. Single-family detached homes permits dropped by over 15 percent from 2008.

New Home building permits in Fluvanna have declined every year since 2001 and now stand at only one-quarter of what they were in that year. In the early part of the past decade, Fluvanna was one of the fastest growing localities in Virginia, albeit from a small base. The current population is estimated at about 26,500.


The continued decline has reduced pressure on the Board of Supervisors to deal with the rural preservation issue. The issue has divided county residents over the past several years but was not a significant factor in the past county election. According to several officials, the county’s first order of business will be to address the looming budget crisis.


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