Greene County Planning Hears Neighbor Concerns and Tourism Goals

By. Teresa Gulyas, Greene County Field Officer

Greene County Planning Commission Meeting February 17, 2010 

Present: Norm Slezak, Chair, Bill Martin, Vice Chair, Angreene county sealthony Herring

Absent:  Davis Lamb, One vacancy currently exists on the Planning Commission



Public Hearing items:

  1. Barbara McNamara & Nancy Tardiff request to have 128.91 acres, identified on County Tax Maps as 46-(A)-45, 45A, and 45 B which are zoned A-1, Agriculture, and located on Dyke Road and Bacon Hollow Road, removed from the St. George Agricultural and Forestal District (AFD). (AFD#09-001)

Margaret Ramsey represented the appellants and spoke to the Commission about this item. The property was part of the estate left to the appellants and they were in the process of selling it. A buyer had been found and this request was made in an effort to facilitate closing of the sale.

Mr. Slezak noted that the Commissioner of Revenue could have granted an earlier request. He indicated that some people are not aware that their property is part of an AFD. Reviews are automatic unless the property owner opts out.

Mr. Martin had three questions for Mr. Svoboda:

    • Is there a precedent for this action? (No.)
    • Are there any issues with rollback taxes? (No.)
    • How will this impact others in the AFD? (Minimal impact.)

The request was approved unanimously.

Cedar Grove Church of the Brethren requests a special use permit for a church on an approximately 1.00 acre tract which is zoned A-1, Agriculture, located on Cedar Grove Road and identified on County Tax Maps as 65C-(A)-7. (SUP#09-005)

This request was for a building variance to construct a connecting hall between the church proper and the social hall behind it. The request was made to facilitate moving between the two buildings for congregants and guests with disabilities and for all during inclement weather. Pictures of the buildings and a site visit by Mr. Slezak indicated that there would be minimal visual impact.

The request was approved unanimously.

Janet Call requests an amendment to a special use permit (SUP#04-720) for a bed and breakfast on a 28.737 acre tract which is zoned A-1, Agriculture, located on Touchstone Lane and identified on County Tax Maps as 47-(A)-70. (SUP#09-006)

Mrs. Janet Call, owner of the William Cox Inn on Touchstone Lane, requested an amendment to the current special use permit to allow for an increase in special event requests at the Inn. The current permit allows a maximum of 50 guests during special events, such as weddings or reunions. This number did not include workers and staff required to support the special events. The appellant was requesting an amendment to increase the total number of people on site for special events to 150 people, which would include both guests and workers. Support from the planning commission was requested as part of the plan to increase tourism in the county.

Several community members spoke to this request.

Mrs. Jansen, the original owner of the property, expressed opposition to the request. She stated that prior to the sale she was assured that the plan was for the Inn to be a small bed and breakfast. She requested a minimum of six speed bumps be installed on Touchstone Lane leading to the property and that there be police checkpoints for all events to reduce the incidence of drunk driving.

Mr. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Mayer, Mr. Alvin Chapman, and Ms. Debra Hart all expressed concerns about the noise from rowdy guests, bands and DJs in the barn, drunk drivers, litter, road degradation, and current permit violations (excess of 50 vehicles on site during events).

Ms. Jody Webber voiced concerns with disregard about changing boundaries noted in a 2009 survey due to stream changes between her property and the Inn. This dispute is currently in litigation.

Mr. Chuck Sweeney, a bed and breakfast owner, spoke in favor of the amendment indicating that special events, such as weddings and reunions, are revenue generators for the property owner.

Dr. Tom Call spoke in favor of the amendment and expressed his appreciation for the community and his desire to make a positive impact through the use of organics in his farming.

The commission denied the request for additional numbers of people for special events and further amended the current permit to limit the combined numbers of guests, staff, and workers to a total of 50 people during any given event.


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