Fluvanna’s Planning Commission Okays Two Projects

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

Fluvanna’s Planning Commission met on March 24th and quickly approved to site plans, set a review of the county’s sign ordinance, and was briefed on potential ordinance changes that could improve storm water runoff conditions in the county. The meeting lasted just over an hour.

Commissioners unanimously approved:

· A site development plan presented by Southern Development to construct a repair shop and a warehouse within the Zion Crossroads Industrial Park (zoned I-1, Industrial, General); and,

· A site development plan presented by Grace and Glory Lutheran Church to construct a church sanctuary. The property is zoned A-1, Agricultural and is located on the south side of Route 53, approximately three-fifths of a mile west from Route 15.

As part of the county’s ongoing ordinance review, the Planning Commission agreed to initiate the zoning text amendment process or the county’s sign ordinance. According to staff, the current ordinance has “inconsistencies where sections of the ordinance contradict one another, [and contain] inadequate regulations pertaining to sign height/are and number of signs permitted per parcel, and lack of regulations on common sign types”.

The Rivanna Conservation Society briefed commissioners on measures the county might take to mitigate storm water runoff. The society’s executive director, Ms. Robbi Savage emphasized that the recommendations were designed to be practical solutions, which, if adopted, would substantially improve the county’s ability to deal with storm water runoff. Specifically, the society recommended:

· Better design and layout of new development sites by avoiding excessive use of impervious surfaces;

· Promote on-site infiltration and encourage low-impact development techniques;

· Limit erosion from construction sites; and,

· As new development occurs protect riparian buffers through ordinances.

Finally, just nine new home building permits were issued during the first two months of 2010, down two from the comparable period in 2009.


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