Greene BOS Discuss Schools Budget

Greene County Board of Supervisors Meeting March 23, 2010

By. Teresa Gulyas, Greene County Field Officer

The regular meeting of the Greene County Board of Supervisors was preceded by two public workshops.

The first workshop was with the Greene County School Board to discuss the FY 2010-2011 budget. The good news was that all who attended the Greene County Arts Festival at William Monroe High School were impressed with the caliber of projects and performances presented by students. 

News from the state regarding education appropriations was less exciting. At this point, the budget shortfall for Greene County schools is estimated in excess of one million dollars. The Greene County School Board has established four tiers of budget cuts based on money received from the state and county.

  • The first tier of cuts are those that would be made based on enrollment.
  • Tier 2 cuts would be salary reductions in the form of five furlough days that would be made across the board for all employees.
  • Tier 3 cuts would eliminate 7 positions
  • Tier 4 cuts would eliminate a total of 22.5 positions.

Supervisor Mike Skeens (Monroe) asked about the financial impact of non-resident pupils enrolled in the preschool program. Supervisor Jim Frydl (Ruckersville) questioned whether one out of county student would impact on preschool program staffing. Greene County Schools Superintendent David Jeck indicated he would get back to Mr. Skeens about his question.

Supervisor Carl Schmidt (At- Large) asked about the pupil:teacher ratio as compared to similar school districts and noted that Greene County is near the top of the ladder. When instructional assistants are factored in, the ratio goes even higher. The relationship of a strong school system to sound community growth and development is well known. The challenge is for the Board of Supervisors and the School Board to continue working together to mitigate the impact that budget cuts will have on the caliber of our schools in Greene County.

The second public workshop was to discuss the emergency revenue recovery program. There were no questions or concerns raised by the public. A list of FAQs was provided and another workshop has been scheduled for April 13 at 5:30.

In between the workshops and the meeting, the Board of Supervisors informally discussed other budget matters. Concerns include an anticipated 6% shortfall in real estate taxes in 2010, budget cuts coming to agencies that had previously been level funded, and the need for a policy about fiscal responsibility to include management of reserves and contingency funds. The Board remains committed to conservative fiscal management and reiterated their intent to avoid raising taxes.

The Regular Board meeting was called to order at 7:30 and began with Ms. Nora Gillespie discussing services offered by the Central Virginia Small Business Development Center to business owners in the area. She discussed the structure of the organization, funding sources, and measures of impact. Seminars offered were highlighted, including the recent “Social Media for the Business Owner” in Greene County.

A request from Cedar Grove Church of the Brethren  for a Special Use Permit for a church on approximately 1.00 acre tract zoned A-1, Agriculture, located on Cedar Grove Road and identified on County Tax Maps as 65-C-(A)-7 (SUP#09-005) was approved unanimously.

Information from VDOT right of way was receivedsheetz resulting in unanimous approval of the request from Sheetz, Inc./Ronald & Mary Lamm to rezone from B-2, Business to B-3, Business approximately 1.50 total acres located on Seminole Trail and identified on County Tax Maps as 66-A-9, portion of 66-A-10 and 66-A-12 (RZ#09-004)

The Board accepted the request for indefinite deferral for Proffer Amendment (RZ#09-003) from Fried Companies , Inc. Fried, Inc will do a 527 traffic generation study which will be completed and should be through the approval process in the late May – June timeframe.

The Board authorized the Greene County Planning Commission to also serve as the Planning Commission for the Town of Stanardsville. The Stanardsville Town Council and Greene County Board of Supervisors roles will remain unchanged.

  • In matters from the public:
  • Joanne Woods expressed appreciation for the support in filling boxes for troops in Iraq. She is still hoping to fund a few more boxes and can be contacted at Greene Primary School.
  • Patsy Morris requested that the Board evaluate the possibility of tax breaks for seniors and encouraged continued evaluation of excessive administrative positions within the school system.
  • The Board authorized James Howard’s request to fill a critical GCDSS position now to avoid the gap between an employee’s retirement and a successor assuming the position.

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  1. Kudos to new Greene County Field Officer, Teresa Gulyas, for excellent reporting in the first few pieces of work she has submitted for the FEF! Congratulations and keep up the excellent, impartial, and unbiased reporting of the facts.

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