Stanardsville and Greene County – Learning from The Neighbors to the South

By Terri Gulyas, Greene County Field Officer

With an eye toward a revitalized collaborative relationship, the Stanardsville Town Council voted unanimously on May 10 to endorse the Greene County Planning Commission to also serve as the Planning Commission for the Town of Stanardsville. The Planning Commission will utilize the Stanardsville Town Ordinances in making recommendations to the Town Council while continuing to use Greene County ordinances for the rest of the County. Members of the Planning Commission and the Town Council have expressed enthusiasm at this opportunity for the Town and the County to continue building a strong relationship while hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls encountered by neighboring districts. The public hearing on the Proposed Budget for the Town of Stanardsville for FY 2010-2011 reflected an additional line item for administrative expenses ($500) for the Planning Commission.

Speed limits, particularly on VA 230, were discussed and the question was raised as to how speed limits VDOT logoare determined. The governing body would need to make a recommendation to VDOT for a change in the limit. VDOT would then conduct a study and have public hearings before making a decision. The Council opted to recommend keeping the speed limit as posted but will investigate the possibility of getting “reduced speed ahead” signage.

Concerns were raised about property maintenance ordinance differences between Stanardsville and Greene County. Currently Stanardsville has a property maintenance code but Greene County does not. Town property owners held to a different standard than county property owners are frustrated when there is proximity to poorly maintained property. Changes in the working relationship between Stanardsville and Greene County may facilitate greater alignment of town and county ordinances.

Parking for Main Street businesses was discussed. The parking lot behind the Town Hall is scheduled for line painting for parking spaces. There was a request that signage in the lot indicate which spaces were available for public parking. This led to a broader discussion of the need for more parking vs. improved signage for parking that is already available.

It was suggested that business owners contact the Greene County Chamber of Commerce for assistance in this matter. One business owner queried about the process of Chamber membership and wasn’t aware that businesses did not need an invitation to join the Chamber. A greater representation of Stanardsville businesses in the Greene County Chamber of Commerce would be another way to facilitate the esprit de corps between the Town and the County.

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