Fluvanna Planning Commission Okays New Sign Regs

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representativefluvanna seal

Fluvanna County’s  Planning Commission held an agreeable — albeit long — meeting on May 26th and approved several measures, all unanimously.

Commissioners unanimously recommended that supervisors approve a revised sign ordinance for the county. The new ordinance, according to staff, clarifies a number of definitions and removes several inconsistencies within the current ordinance.

At the county’s staff request, the Chamber of Commerce has agreed to review the proposal and provide appropriate comment. The Free Enterprise Forum also is reviewing the approved draft.

In other actions, the Commission recommended that the Board of Supervisors approve:

· The withdrawal of 301 acres from the 1,206 acre Byrd Creek Agricultural and Forestal District, so that the withdrawn acreage may be placed in a conservation easement;

· Am amendment to the county zoning ordinance regarding nonconforming uses, specifically residential setbacks so that older dwellings may be expanded without seeking variances; and,

· An amendment to a special use permit to allow “mud bogging” on weekends and holidays at a recreational facility in the Cunningham district.

Commissioners also approved a site plan for a new facility at the Antioch Baptist Church (Cunningham) and agreed to initiate a zoning text amendment that would add as uses campgrounds and private cemeteries in the A-1 (Agricultural) district.

The Planning Commission also received a draft Cash Proffer Policy for the county but will not consider it until the review of the A-1 district and the rural preservation issues are resolved. Under the proposal, the cash proffer value is set at $7,601 for each residential dwelling.


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