Greene County Planning Commission Works to Align Comprehensive and Capital Improvement Plans

By. Teresa Gulyas, Greene County Field Officer

Greene County Planning Commissioners continued to discuss the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) at their May 19, 2010 meeting. Incredibly, there were still no dollar amount figures for some of the projected equipment cost replacement. Bart Svboda, Greene County Planning Director, listed improvements identified in the Comprehensive Plan that should be considered for addition to the CIP in the future.

These projects include:

Public Safety   – Communications equipment repair

Building & Grounds – Purchase of Property for Greene County Fair

Building & Grounds – Purchase of property/building for a Farmer’s Market

Public Works – Establishment of a recycling collection site in the Ruckersville area

Parks, Recreation – Provision of a public swimming area

Community Development – Provision of rural broadband service

Community Development – Establishment of a library branch in the Ruckersville area

Schools – Creation of a state-of-the-art magnet Vocational Tech Center

Transportation- Provision of local transit service between villages & town centers

The Planning Commission decided unanimously to forward the CIP as drafted to the Board of Supervisors along with the project list so that projects can be reviewed in the fall prior to next year’s budget process. Alignment of the CIP with the Comprehensive Plan may encourage more pertinent input from county departments and will facilitate acquisition of meaningful proffers from developers.

In other news, the Ruckersville Baptist Church requested a special use permit for a church on an approximately 2.02 acre tract which is zoned R-1, Residential, and B-2, Business, located on Moore Road/Spotswood Trail and identified on County Tax Maps as 60-C(A)-14. (SUP #10-003) The Church would like to expand the parking lot and change its entrance to improve safety concerns. The request also included consideration of possible future expansion of the church’s fellowship hall although there are currently no plans to do so. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended:

  • Amendment of the permit to meet zoning and agency requirements
  • Submission of a site plan prior to any expansion or development
  • Addition of outdoor lighting and fixtures are on timers and use motion-detection sensors should be added for site plan approval
  • Low impact development practices would be used as feasible to manage storm water runoff

Other news from the Planning Commission included:

  • Updates for the Comprehensive Plan are now on the weblink and hard copies will be delivered to the Board of Supervisor’s prior to Memorial Day weekend
  • The Board of Supervisors has requested a joint session with the Planning Commission for June 22 for a Public Hearing on water and sewer issues.

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