Greene County Board Denies Fried Companies Private Community Water Plan

By Teresa Gulyas, Greene County Field Officer

At the regularly scheduled public meeting of the Greene County Board of Supervisors, representatives from Fried Companies Inc. requested a certificate of convenience and necessity for private community water and septic systems for the Monroe Heights Subdivision. Fried Co. consultants, Don Hurl from Environmental Services Systems and Ray Freeland of Freeland Engineering, came to discuss preliminary plans for the type of system being considered. Supervisor Carl Schmitt (at large) wondered why this system was being considered when sewer services are available through the . Fried representatives indicated that there were conflicting reports received from the county regarding the availability of public sewer service. The Board of Supervisors clarified that sewer service is available and, with little discussion, unanimously denied the Fried Companies request.

The consent agenda was unanimously approved and there were no other matters from the Board. The meeting was adjourned in record time.


One response

  1. This partially explains why Greene made some changes regarding water system usage in the ‘secret’ meeting. However, there must be more going on or else Fried could have called the county to ask about water hookup availability. I can’t believe that they went ahead with plans for their own without first checking unless they simply don’t want to hook into the county system.

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