Fluvanna Supervisors Continue Holding Action

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Officer

Perhaps feeding upon the county’s current sense of political ennui, Fluvanna’s supervisors on July 7th deferred appointing a new economic development coordinator/director until after a decision on a water line. While the supervisors made several appointments, they also deferred appointing a Columbia representative to the Planning Commission since the Columbia supervisor, Shaun Kenney, was absent.

Tfluvanna BOS 2010he Board did establish a tentative agenda for its four hour “retreat” on July 24th. Supervisors will discuss the financial condition of the county and economic development policies for the county. Presumably the latter will be a function of the former, but the discussion also should shed some light on the Board’s view on the water pipeline.

Separately, the supervisors were briefed on Fluvanna’s participation in Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC): one-quarter of the Fluvanna graduating class from 2009 attended PVCC the following fall. Fluvanna high school students also rank first in the area for students participating in dual enrollment courses.

Supervisors also confirmed the county salary scale for FY2011. For the second consecutive year, county employees will receive no pay increase – salaries have been frozen since July 2008.

A familiar face will return to the public scene on behalf of the county. The supervisors have nominated Former Board Chairman Marvin F. Moss as Fluvanna’s representative to the Rivanna River Basin Commission for a three-year term, ending in August 2013.

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