City Council Reaffirms Support for 42 foot Dam, but …

From The City of Charlottesville Website:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIAAt their regular meeting last night [9/20], Charlottesville City Council conducted a public hearing on the community’s 50-year water supply plan following the results of additional studies conducted by the City and the RWSA. After hearing views from dozens of concerned citizens, City Council, in a 5-0 vote, reaffirmed their support of the 50-year water plan with several modifications to be moved forward to the wider Four Boards Meeting later today. These include:

A commitment to aggressive conservation measures that could limit the expansion of our water needs.

A commitment to build on the existing Ragged Mountain Dam or to build a new dam at the Ragged Mountain Reservoir of up to 42 feet, if needed, in phases. The first phase would include an expansion of 13 feet to the current dam or the building of a new dam up to 13 feet

To address the role of dredging of the South Fork Reservoir following the results of a Request for Proposal to be issued in the near future.

A commitment to providing adequate water flows to the Mormons and Rivanna Rivers.

A reevaluation of the supply plan in 10 year increments, using updated data on water usage and population growth.

A new 36 inch transmission pipeline would be built in the future but the existing pipe line would be kept in place to serve as a redundancy if there was a catastrophic failure in service to the new line.

That all components of the plan be subject to the approval of a cost allocation agreement between the City, the Albemarle County Service Authority and the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority


One response

  1. Neil, I am trying my very hardest to understand how this large public expenditure will benefit me:
    More over building will happen the result of which will drive down the value of my existing properties.
    More population will required higher taxes and more services.
    The greater the population density the farther to the left politcs moves.
    The information about the choices is highly suspect because of the competing agendas. I am not sure I trust any of these folks.

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