Fluvanna Board of Supervisors: Reality Checks

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

At their December 1st meeting Fluvanna County’s supervisors were briefed on a number of issues that presage more difficult times for county residents and government alike. For example, debt service payments will increase dramatically over the next two fiscal years to pay for the new high school, according to the latest Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Debt service will exceed the county’s current policy of twelve percent of governmental revenue by several percentage points, even when federal and state funding is included.

Moreover, the county’s undesignated fund balance, or savings account, also has fallen below the county’s target ratio – also at 12 percent – of savings to expenditures. This will further reduce the Board’s flexibility to adjust the budget during the fiscal year.

Supervisors also were briefed on the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) concept currently under review. The Commonwealth’s initial proposal was submitted just two days prior to the Board meeting and discussed only in general terms.

According to Ms. Leslie Middleton of the Rivanna River Basin Commission, alternative on site septic systems will become mandatory. They will be more expensive for homeowners, will require more maintenance and could become a cost burden to local governments.

Supervisors also approved the Thomas Jefferson Planning District’s 2011 Legislative Program Proposal, the last locality to do so. They also authorized the county administrator to enter into negotiations with a firm to develop financial forecasts that would assist in the budget process. The results should be available in February.

The Board appropriated $791,000 of federal education funds to the School Board. The school administration will use the funds to provide a one-time teacher bonus to restore pay cuts instituted earlier this year.

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  1. They used federal funds to pay the teachers a bonus?!

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