Fluvanna Supervisors Select Fairchild

By William J. Des Rochers, Fluvanna Field Representative

Fluvanna County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously selected Mr. Chris Fairchild (Rivanna District) to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Gene Ott (Rivanna), who resigned. Mr. Fairchild, who was a late entry, is a local businessman, and longtime participant in county activities. Seven individuals vied for the seat.

Fairchild formerly headed the county’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) but, according to some, was reluctant to push for an EDC endorsement of the contentious proposal to bring water to Zion Crossroads business area of the county. He is expected to support hiring a full time Economic Development Coordinator, something supervisors have pressed for, but yet to accomplish.

Fairchild became embroiled in a last minute controversy when he was accused of owing the county some $5,000. While he said privately that the tax bills were in error, he paid the disputed amount before the meeting.

The supervisors also voted unanimously to amend its controversial ordinance on the county seal to ensure that it followed the Commonwealth’s statute. The vote came after a closed session to discuss implications of a lawsuit filed against the county by. Mr. Bryan Rothamel, the publisher of FlucoBlog.com, charged that the county ordinance infringes on his freedom of speech.

The county Finance Director, Ms. Renee Hoover, reported that the county’s revenue collection has improved and that currently collections are stronger than at the beginning of the fiscal year.


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