Greene County Chairman Catalano To Retire

By Pauline Hovey, Greene County Field Officer

Chairman Steve Catalano (at-large), who has served on the Greene County Board of Supervisors for 12 years, notified the Free Enterprise Forum on Tuesday that he will not seek reelection when his term expires in December. Catalano has not yet made a formal announcement, but told the Free Enterprise Forum, “I believe in term limits, and it’s time for me to move on.”

Although he has not accomplished everything on his agenda, Catalano said he feels confident in the county’s fiscal responsibility catalanoand financial status, which he played a role in securing during his tenure.

When Catalano joined the board in 1999, Greene County was suffering financially, borrowing money to pay monthly bills.

Catalano, knowing the work would be difficult, chose to dig in with a tough, conservative stance. He helped turn the county’s financial status around by reigning in spending; building revenues and infrastructure by, among other things, getting developers to invest in the county; and putting the board on track with establishing a feasible annual budget, from which they could not deviate whenever departments showed up asking for money. Part of the problem, Catalano said, was predecessor boards “spent money on the fly.”

Catalano listed the following as his five top personal favorite changes to Greene County government during his tenure:

  1. Sustainable fiscal reform.
  2. Integrated economic development program with the goal of making Greene a self-sufficient society.
  3. Successful start-up of the largest infrastructure project in the history of the county.
  4. Restoration of due process in the county’s internal operations and the restoration of the inalienable right of citizens to petition their government during meetings (“Believe it or not, this was a problem,” Catalano said).
  5. Directing and managing the county to accept its constitutional responsibility to emergency management.

Catalano served as chairman for eight consecutive years, “not because I was into the power,” he said, “but because I knew what had to be done and knew there was a need for consistency in leadership.”

During his tenure, Catalano only missed one Board of Supervisors meeting, and that was due to a death in his wife’s family.

Pauline Hovey is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.  If you find this report helpful, please consider supporting the Free Enterprise Forum.  To learn more visit

Photo Credits: Greene County

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