Julius Morris Withdraws from Greene BOS Race

By Pauline Hovey, Greene County Field Officer

Late yesterday (10/25), the Free Enterprise Forum confirmed that Julius Morris, candidate for the Greene County Board of Supervisors (Ruckersville), withdrew from the board of supervisors’ race. Contacted at his home last night, Morris said, “After giving it a lot of thought, I decided not to run for personal reasons.”

imageBased on a discussion with the Greene County Registrar, Sandra Shifflett (photo right), the withdrawal occurred on Monday, October 17th.  Shifflett indicated Morris’ name will remain on the ballot and a withdrawal notice will be posted on all Ruckersville voting machines.  In addition, any absentee ballots mailed out will include the notification.  As of this morning, less than 40 Ruckersville District voters have already cast their absentee ballots.

Throughout his candidacy, whenever asked why he was running, Morris has stated that phone calls from individual citizens encouraging him to run influenced his decision. Now he’s mysteriously decided to bow out so close to the election.

Morris, who served as Greene County administrator from 1973 thru 2005, said he wants to stay involved in the county. He said he’s “concerned about new people coming onto the board that have not served before. There’s a learning curve involved and it takes a couple of years.”

Morris sent the following letter to the local newspaper announcing his withdrawal:

Dear Greene County Citizens:

Due to personal reasons, I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for the Board of Supervisors from the Ruckersville District. I sincerely appreciate the support and warm reception afforded me by citizens throughout Greene County. The concerns expressed to me by each citizen and businesses will be referred to our local elected officials.

Thank you for your vital interest in local government matters which can impact every citizen. I plan to devote more time to stay informed of local government actions and issues important to our citizens and businesses.


Julius Morris

The Ruckersville district is a new district created by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year.  The three candidates vying for the seat include Flint Engleman, Davis Lamb, and Vic Schaff.

The election is Tuesday November 8th.


Pauline Hovey is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.  If you find this report helpful, please consider supporting the Free Enterprise Forum.

Photo Credit:  Greene County

One comment

  1. From The Greene County Record:

    “Morris, who resigned in December 2005 after serving 32 years as county administrator, was convicted in 2006 on a misdemeanor charge of altering public documents while he was employed by the county.

    At the time, Morris admitted that he tampered with a site plan for a plot he owns off U.S. 29, but maintained he broke no laws when he reached for a bottle of Wite-Out. The property involved the Trailer Town USA site, a Ruckersville business that sells horse trailers and other cargo equipment.

    According to a July 27, 2006, article in the Greene County Record, Morris’ lawyer, Cheryl V. Higgins, said he was simply “making the plans accurate” and had no intention of deceiving anyone.

    “He may not have gone about it in the best way,” Higgins said in 2006, “but this does not indicate he committed a criminal act.”

    The 2006 article also stated that Morris was barred from “holding any office, profit or trust under the Constitution of Virginia,” according to state law.”

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