Greene Planning Commission Revisits $175 Million+ CIP

By Pauline Hovey, Field Officer

At their first meeting of 2012, Greene County planning commissioners poured over the proposed 2012 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) before sending it to the Board of Supervisors for review.   The proposal projects $175,093,725 in departmental capital spending through FY 2019.

According to Greene County’s previous CIP:

A capital project will be defined as a project (1) which requires a minimum expenditure by the County of $20,000, (2) which has a useful life span of ten years or more, and (3) which meets one or more of the following criteria:

    • • Provides for the acquisition or construction of any physical facility for the community,
      to include consultant or professional services related to acquisition or construction;
      • Provides for the acquisition of equipment for any physical facility when first constructed or acquired;
      • Provides for the ongoing acquisition of major capital equipment or systems, i.e., computer technology, radio systems;
      • Provides for the acquisition of land or an interest in land;
      • Provides for the acquisition of public utilities;
      • Fund expenditures, including additions to existing facilities, which increase the square footage or value of a facility; and/or
      • Fund expenditures for major maintenance or replacement projects on existing facilities.

Newly elected Planning Commission Chairman Anthony Herring led the discussion of the various departments’ capital requests, which are continuing to escalate as the county population increases and the demand for county provided services expand. From the treasurer’s office, to the schools, to fire and rescue, the need for facility and equipment upgrades is anticipated, some more urgent than others.

The rescue squad has been in need of a new building for years, and in fact requested a new facility last year, at a cost estimated at $1.5 million. The current building—a converted old house—is well beyond capacity and in need of repair. In addition, the CIP includes requests for the replacement of outdated equipment for both fire and rescue departments.

Greene County 2012 Proposed Capital Improvement Plan(CIP)
Treasurer $ 13,500
Building Department $ 60,000
Information Technologies $ 178,000
Roads $ 33,121,814
Dyke Fire Department $ 515,000
Stanardsville Fire Department $ 1,270,000
Ruckersville Fire Department $ 6,900,000
Schools $ 39,195,000
Parks and Recreation $ 15,709,000
Rescue Squad $ 259,400
Social Services $ 1,025,000
Commonwealth Attorney $ 20,000
Administration Building $ 2,145,000
Utilities $ 60,670,000
Sheriff $ 4,070,000
Facilities $ 880,000
Community Development $ 195,000
Economic Development $ 8,390,000
Stormwater Retrofit $ 477,010
Total $175,093,724
Town of Stanardsville $ 6,078,000

Infrastructure projects, particularly the proposed water impoundment and water plant and the Stanardsville water and sewer project, at a combined estimated cost of $51 million, according to the CIP, may prove to be one of the most interesting discussions of the year.

The previous Greene County Board of Supervisors, led by Former Chairman Steve Catalano worked diligently to address the county’s future water needs.  As reported last summer:

Total estimated cost for the White Run Reservoir project is approximately $35 million. This includes construction costs associated with the dam and reservoir, the pump stations, water treatment plants, raw and finished water piping, estimated property acquisition costs, wetland and stream mitigation costs, and engineering and construction administration. Water would be pumped from the Rapidan River during wet weather and stored in the reservoir for usage during dry weather periods, causing minimal impact of the river. The target for pump storage is 900 mg.

Current Chairman Buggs Peyton (Stanardsville) and Jim Frydl (Ruckersville/Midway) fully supported the water supply plan last July. How the three new supervisors will view the plan remains to be seen. The joint permit application for the plan is already in process.

Other Planning Commission appointments included Commissioner Norm Slezak, who served as chairman for two years, will be the liaison for the Stanardsville Town Council; Commissioner Frank Steele will serve as liaison for the Economic Development Authority; and Bill Martin, who was reelected vice chairman, will be the lead liaison to the Site Committee, with Slezak serving as the secondary.

Supervisor Davis Lamb (Ruckersville district), former planning commissioner whose election to the Board of Supervisors left a seat on the commission vacant, was one of only a few residents in attendance at the meeting. Interviews of potential candidates to replace Lamb will be conducted the week of January 22, and a new commissioner may be in place by February.


Pauline Hovey is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.

The Free Enterprise Forum Field Officer program is funded by a generous grant from the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) and by readers like you.  To support this important work please donate online at


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