Stanardsville Announces VDOT Approval of Streetscape Project

stanardsville streetscapeFROM STAFF REPORTS -The Town of Stanardsville has received final government approval for construction of new sidewalks, crosswalks and other improvements along Main Street that will be built over the next few months.  The downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project got its final okay on June 19th when it received Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)  approval for award of the construction contract to Linco, Inc. of Waynesboro as general contractor for the project. 

A pre-construction meeting with Linco, Inc. and other principals will be held in early July to spell out a timetable and finalize other details before construction gets underway.  The project includes new crosswalks on Rte. 33 west of town between the schools and shopping center that will be built first this summer while school is out of session.

Roy Dye, executive director of Stanardsville Area Revitalization (*STAR*), manager of the project, said, “We’ve cleared the final hurdle in the long VDOT process for any federally-funded streetscape enhancement project.  Now, if this time-table holds, sometime in August Linco will begin breaking-up and removing the old sidewalks on three blocks of Main Street between Celt Road and Rectory Lane.” 

Dye said installation of the new five-foot wide sidewalks, bump-outs on some corners, red-brick patterned crosswalks, colonial-style lampposts, benches, planting of trees and other landscaping will take several months to complete and “will positively transform the downtown streetscape.”

The Town Council of Stanardsville has been directly involved in development of the project.  As Mayor Gary Lowe commented, “The Town Council strongly supports these streetscape improvements and has helped guide their development over the past few years.  This face-lift to Main Street will make downtown safer and easier to walk in, and will help attract new businesses and more visitors to the Town.”   

The streetscape project is being funded by $674,000 in federal grants awarded by VDOT, and matching funds raised through contributions from the Town, County, Economic Development Authority,  and individual donors, for a total project budget of more than $840,000.  The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is the official Project Sponsor and *STAR* is the Project Manager.  Draper Aden Associates is the design & engineering firm for the project.

Final design plans for the Stanardsville Streetscape Enhancement Project can be found on the *STAR* website:

Image Credit: *STAR*


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