Revised Water Plan on the Table in Fluvanna

By. Bryan Rothamel, Field Officer 

PALMYRA -The Fluvanna Board of Supervisors will be busy in the month following its annual summer break.

The biggest item to come to the board for the Sept. 4 meeting will be the James River Water Authority.

The proposed JRWA plan being discussed is to move the permit to the Columbia community planning area (CPA) then allow each locality to build a raw water line to each needed area from a nearby junction location.

In the proposal, the JRWA would be responsible for the capital costs of building an intake facility and operations and maintenance costs. Some costs would be shared fixed maintenance costs while other costs will fluctuate dependent on use of withdrawal capacity.

The JRWA would own a raw water line to a proposed ‘T’ junction. Either county would then own any pipeline from the junction, proposed near Route 6 in the Columbia CPA.

Fluvanna would be responsible for the Fluvanna pipeline and share costs if in the future Fluvanna wants additions to the Louisa pipeline. Louisa would be responsible for the Louisa pipeline. The parties would own any property they construct.

JRWA’s estimated costs are just below $3.5 million to construct a 3 million raw water intake facility and a raw water line to the junction plus the modification of the permit from Bremo Bluff to Columbia area. Unknown costs are easement acquisition along the Colonial gas line.

Water allocation would be based on needs each county established and agreed in a Columbia withdrawal permit and Department of Economic Quality summary findings. Each county could have a temporary reallocation or purchase bulk water from the other locality. A county could request a withdrawal permit increase and would be responsible for costs.

Supervisors will also consider the approval process Louisa would have to go through to construct a water line in Fluvanna. Current county code requires another locality apply for a special use permit to construct major utilities through Fluvanna.

Fluvanna could alter the current county code which could allow another locality, including Louisa, to develop major utilities by-right.

Louisa County Board of Supervisors previously said it was interested in executing the JRWA without Fluvanna’s full participation. The goal for Louisa was to bring water across Fluvanna’s eastern border following the Colonial gas line to Louisa to help alleviate Louisa’s water concerns in its southern portion of the county.

Fluvanna Board of Supervisors will meet on Sept. 4 at 2 p.m. in the Fluvanna Circuit Courtroom.


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Bryan Rothamel covers Fluvanna County for the Free Enterprise Forum.  He is the founder of the Fluco Blog.  Additional writings can be found at


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