Stanardsville Streetscapes Project Going After Phase II

By. Brent Wilson, Field Officer

At the October 22nd Greene County Board of Supervisor meeting, an update of the Stanardsville Downtown Streetscapes Revitalization Project  was given by *STAR* Executive Director Roy Dye. He reported that Phase I is halfway done and the target completion date is by the first Saturday in December for the annual Parade of Lights.

He also updated the BOS on the submission of Phase II which is due in by the first of November. While there is no funding from the county required by the grant request, Mr. Dye came to the BOS asking for their support to go with the application for Phase II. This application also requests funds for the engineering of the west sidewalk extension, from Celt Road to Pioneer Bank. This stretch of roadway is a priority over the proposed east sidewalk extension and has been selected for construction for three reasons: 1) It is one of the most unsafe sections of Main Street and most frequently traveled by pedestrians, who now share the roadway with heavy trucks and other vehicles; 2) It connects the new sidewalks in town to the existing sidewalk at the Pioneer Bank and to a new crosswalk, thereby closing a glaring gap in the sidewalk network; and 3) It provides safe, uninterrupted pedestrian access to the shopping center, the public schools complex, and the Greene County public transportation system.

Vice Chairman Davis Lamb questioned the width of the sidewalk and how the wall would be constructed. Stanardsville Mayor Gary Lowe  stated that with width would be five feet and that the materials for the wall would depend on the height required and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) approval. Mr. Lamb recommended a stacked block wall to avoid cracking of a poured concrete wall. Supervisor David Cox asked what is the time requirement for snow removal off the sidewalks. Mayor Lowe stated there has never been a time limit at the request of the residents.

The final issue discussed was the bump outs and the limitation of the width of Main Street. Supervisor Cox expressed some concern given the width of some equipment that is moved through Main Street. Mayor Lowe stated that VDOT had approved the width of the roadway.

With no further discussion, support for Phase II was approved on a 3 – 2 vote with Mr. Peyton and Mr. Cox voting no and Chairman Jim Frydl, Vice-Chairman Lamb and At Large Supervisor Eddie Deane voting yes. [The full application can be accessed at the end of this post].

Since the October 22nd BOS meeting and the submission of the request for the engineering study for Phase II, VDOT has come back saying that there are very few requests for funds and suggests going ahead and requesting funds for construction for the west end of the project. The construction costs for this portion will be $230,100 and Roy Dye will submit this request by November 25th. VDOT would fund 80% of the project leaving the remaining 20% to be funded locally from a combination of the EDA, Stanardsville Town Council, Greene County and private citizens.

VDOT will submit a recommendation to the Commonwealth Transportation Board in the spring. If the project is included on the list there is a good chance that the Transportation Board would approve the grant in the summer of 2014.

Click on the image below to read the formal application.



Brent Wilson is the Greene County Field Officer for the Free Enterprise Forum a privately funded public policy organization.

The Free Enterprise Forum Field Officer program is funded by a generous grant from the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) and by readers like you.


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