Fluvanna Space Utilization Plan May Include Sale of School Buildings

By. Bryan Rothamel, Field Officer

Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors heard a briefing of usage of county space for how the government operates at the June 4 meeting. One item not discussed during the session was what to do with the two closed schools.

In the fall of 2013 the School Board relinquished control of Columbia and Cunningham district schools to the Board of Supervisors. Just before, it was publicly announced the school system was approached about selling at least one of the buildings.

Now, sources close to the situation, say the county has been working through preliminary discussions with a non-profit to purchase both buildings. One known hurdle has been how the towers used for technology will transfer; both are leased.

It is expected the county will further the negotiations to the Board of Supervisors level soon.

County government is moving around to better utilize space. The first major wave of changes involves moving pottery from the Carysbrook Gymnasium basement to the Fork Union Recreation Center. Then moving MACAA’s thrift shop from behind the original Carysbrook High School (now Social Services) to the Carysbrook Gymnasium basement.

That will allow public works to move from the basement of the Treasurer’s Office to the old MACAA building. The facility was originally built for shop class when the county used Carysbrook as a high school.

The county is also considering tearing down the white building (old school transportation headquarters) near the Carysbrook Gymnasium. The forestry department is interested in using the space for a building to house a bulldozer. It could be a lease option.

A secondary wave being discussed is moving the Commonwealth’s Attorney office into the County Administration Building if the county could move Extension Services. Currently, the county rents a building for both the Commonwealth’s Attorney and Sheriff’s investigators. Moving both out of their rented space would save $2,000 a month.

The ultimate dream would be to build a county administration building at Pleasant Grove, next to the library and Sheriff’s Office. That would eliminate the use of the current facility and allow the courts to expand into it.

It would also free up the buildings used by the registrar, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue and others. The county could look to sell the buildings or tear them down to build a park. The goal would not be to add to the county’s building list.

Also, the county will need to consider renovation or replacement of the school administration building, the old Palmyra School, in the future. The building is not in the best of shape.

The rearranging of offices takes far less money but keeps the county services spread between Palmyra, Carysbrook, Fork Union and Pleasant Grove. Fiscally, the county isn’t prepared to build a centralize facility like Albemarle has with its county administration building yet.


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Bryan Rothamel covers Fluvanna County for the Free Enterprise Forum

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